X-Pro1 X-E1 not a difficult choice for me.

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max metz
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X-Pro1 X-E1 not a difficult choice for me.
Dec 8, 2012

After pretty much deciding to replace my Nikon gear for the Fuji system, its a matter of waiting to see how the first Fuji zoom 18-55 fairs in the tests, though occasionally it seems prudent to visit the camera tests as well.

In the absence of DXOmark results for the Fuji cameras (their software is based heavily on a bayer filter) the results here on dpreview seem as good as any - though its worth bearing in mind the cameras are tested with different lenses which adds another variable to the comparison, one not easily compensated for.

Initially comparing the Leica M9, Nikon D4, Canon 1D IV and the Fujifilm X-pro1 it was apparent that the Leica was no extraordinary low light performer, nor does it claim to be, so I substituted the D800 in the comparison.

To save others doing the same I post the dpreview comparison image detail here, my included comments may not reflect you own observations they just reflect my personal observations.

Choosing iso6400 seemed appropriate as all the cameras shoot raw at that speed and it doesn't push the sensor too hard on any of them.

To my eye; At first sight the D4 seems to have the edge in the Kodak models face, though on closer inspection the Nikon sensor is accentuating the contrast more making it appear clearer than the X-pro 1.The better colour tone roll off slowly becomes visible on the Fuji, in the cheeks, whites of the eyes and corner of the eye.

The lettering is undoubtedly clearest on the D4 with Fuji running second - the noise on the Canon 1D IV and Nikon D800 cancel out the resolving power benefit to some extent.

For me; for skin, both the Nikon D4 and the X-Pro 1 are the pick of the 4.

The bottle label pictured above amplifies the differences between the 4 cameras, again the Nikon D4 and Fuji X-Pro1 are ahead by some margin showing the D4 delivering more contrast at the expense of tone roll off. The label leis some way between a graphic and a photograph, the d4 capturing the graphic quality best, the X-Pro1 the photographic quality best.

I think this is also shown in the following frame, though notably the d800 really does best of all when imaging a contrasty graphic with a light less noise prone background, the Canon trails all three.

One exception to this is the blue, the Fuji handles blue exceptionally well, even in a graphic.

For me at least, this last comparison is very telling, with most digital noise usually found in the blue, the Fuji is clearly handling that challenge best - showing good film like roll off across the blues and with very little noise. The other three cameras show the benefits of looking for contrast and highlight the noise in the process.

That's pretty much sums up what I'll be basing my camera decision on when buying into the Fuji system in terms of image quality, others may view the whole thing differently.

ps. Hope dpreview doesn't mind me posting these cropped screen captures of their excellent comparison thingy, if they do they are free to delete this post.

Canon EOS-1D Fujifilm X-E1 Fujifilm X-Pro1 Nikon D4 Nikon D800
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