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Re: Two questions for you
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Well...I can't beat that logic...you truly are a sad little comic aren't you! I notice you are getting a little more terse with your responses of late, possibly your little fantasy is imploding in on it self? btw: how many sock puppets are in your family besides Linda, yeah I know that is a mean thing to say, but you are a comic so you should have a good laugh! Right?

One more thing, have you considered that you may also get referrals from the other paid people at the event, many    business people also get rich with proper and ethical business models.

NeilJones wrote:

rufusm wrote:

Neil, you don't really believe that do you? Where is your business ethics and professional courtesy to the other paid professionals during the events? You get paid to dj and they get paid to photograph the event, you are not a guest. You are paid for your services, I'm guessing you would not appreciate the photographer putting on a wedding mix of music while you are doing your job.

stupid analogy.

i put bread on my families table any way I can. If I want to do something that adds more value to my business then I shall!

you think all these successful rich businessmen got that way from worrying about taking money from another businessman. Really. How naive.

NeilJones wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

eNo wrote:

  1. I'm sure you've coordinated this with him/her and made sure he didn't have an exclusive professional photographer clause in his contract, right? Right?

Yeah, you better make sure no family and friends take photos at the wedding with this clause right. Stupid is thing I've heard of! Ever!!

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It's just photography, lighten up.

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It's just photography, lighten up.

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