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Re: Apples and oranges
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michaeladawson wrote:

gl2k wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Listen Nikon : "Denial is no solution to a problem."

If you are referring to the D800 AF issues then this is not a relevant comparison. Canon has identified the problem and has a firmware solution to the problem. In fact, it appears that the only solution here is to reload the same firmware that is already on the camera.

Nikon would have done the same thing if the issue was as simple as loading a firmware update. The AF issue needs service from a repair center. This is a different situation entirely.

It doesn't matter if a company can't provide a fix for a problem immediately. What is important though is that a message is sent to the customer telling that : "we have been aware of a potential issue and investigate what's the cause and how to fix it". If it takes Nikon 4 months to find the cause for the problem it's OK.

As a customer I want to be taken serious. If I know that Nikon takes care of my gear and does a good job in fixing things I don't care if somethings goes wrong during production or later breaks while using it.

Maybe I didn't read the example closely enough. But as I quickly scanned the article, Canon did not do this in this case either. The example you posted shows that Canon has posted a fix to a problem. It doesn't say that "we are aware of a problem with this camera model and are diligently working on a fix that we will get to you as soon as we can".

What part am I missing here?

You sound very blind here. As another person stated why do they need to say more? They released a darn fix you reject. If they released a fix this means they are saying they know there is an issue and here is the fix. To release a fix is to admit to an issue and to provide a fix is to admit/apologize with the fix.

Far different than Nikon when dealing with the D600 and D800. Honestly sounds like your a Nikon fanboy or you just don't know much. Pretty sad on your part honestly. Geez.

Agree with the person who said Nikon should look at their QC and this is so true. Honestly it almost seems like Nikon is trying to sale on the MP now and pushing cameras out of the factory to quickly. I remember the day when Nikon fanboy's gave Canon users hell over the MP count when honestly Canon had everything perfect. But Nikon now seems to be doing the same and those Nikon fanboy's seem to be standing behind that high MP. I think Nikon has gone down hill in quality and service. I would rather be with Canon, Pentax, Sony ect just knowing all this.

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