Are Climate Change Deniers going to kill us all

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Jeff Charles
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Re: Are Climate Change Deniers going to kill us all
In reply to Chris59, Dec 6, 2012

Chris59 wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

Chris59 wrote:

Putting labels on people is very scientific. It certainly beats doing science!

It is being done.

Sorry, no it isn't and certainly not by you.

Of course it's not by me, but it is being done by actual scientists.

All you are doing is parrotting what is being fed to you in the media and trying to be jump on the bandwagon by using derogatory labels for those who disagree.

Which derogatory labels have I posted? Not that I haven't been tempted.

What is being "done" is pseudo-science via media.

That makes no sense at all. Climate scientists around the world are working on this problem. It is the  height of arrogance to assert that they are all doing "pseudo-science via media."

The figures being used to support the assertion that the planet is warming include temperatures from cities which have had an ever increasing heat island effect. Despite assertions to the contrary there is no way of working out what the temperature of a city would have been without the heat island effect.

The urban heat island effect has been accounted for, but we're not going to resolve the issue here. In effect, you are saying that this known phenomenon has been ignored by hundreds of climatologists, but not by you. Does that make sense?

There is no global warming.

Why do almost all the scientists who have expertise in the field say that there is global warming and that we are causing it? What is your evidence that it is not happening?

You're wrong. Most "scientists" now say there is "Climate Change" due to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide - and they happen to be wrong.

The people with expertise in climate and who have researched the subject say otherwise.

And what's with putting "scientists" in quotes. Someone studies the subject at the university, gets a PhD in Climatology, works in the field, publishes papers in peer-reviewed journals, and that person is a "scientist"?

My evidence is that all the dire predictions of the "Global Warmists" have proven to be worng. There are no more storms than normal, the ice cap hasn't melted, Antarctica is accumulating ice and not one single solitary island has been submerged due to sea level change.

You will find good information at NOAA's Understanding Climate  page. The graphs at the lower left summarize various climate related topics. Clicking on the "?" at the left of each graph gives access to more details on the topic.

Climate changes all the time with changes to the amount of solar radiation, the Earth's eccentricity, axial tilt and precession as well as (over longer time periods)continental drift.

All those things may be true over the long term, but they do not account for the current rapid warming of the planet.

Even if there was climate change caused by increases in carbon dioxide, a change in overall temperature will not "kill us all".

Why are you so sure?

Because even the most dire predictions of Global Warmists for a century hence put the change in temperature at only four degrees.This will not "kill us all". Perhaps the burden of proof falls on you to prove how such a small rise, even if it were to eventuate, can kill us all.

No, it does not fall on me. And a four degree increase in average temperature is not small.

In any case, what do you think will happen once all the coal, oil and gas are used up?

The CO2 that we are putting into the atmosphere now will be there for a long time.

Er, no it won't. It will be breathed in by plants and exhaled as oxygen with the carbon being incorporated into the plant itself - basic biology you know. It wil also dissolve into the ocean as it has been doing for millions of years.

There is no net decrease in atmospheric CO2 when a plant absorbs CO2, because it will eventually decompose and release that CO2 back into the atmosphere - basic carbon cycle you know.

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