Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

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Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8
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Dinegbatty wrote:

I have a spyder 4 elite works perfectly with win 8

I think I understand a part of my problem.

There's two versions of the software.  one appears to be for Spyder 4 (as in sensor).  At one point it was version 3.1.3 (+/-) then they sold a $10 or $20 (or something small) upgrade to version 4 Elite, but you didn't get a new sensor.  I  used that up through version 4.0.2 on Windows 7 with the Spyder3 sensor.

When I download the current V4 software it is 4.5.4, but it APPEARS that it works only with the Spyder4 sensor.  At least the Spyder3 sensor is not an option on 4.5.4, but does still show as an option on 4.0.2.

However, on 4.0.2 it will not see the sensor at all.  At least it doesn't for me.  Let me be more precise -- it sees the sensor as a device, it shows up and installs a driver, but when you run the program it says it cannot detect a sensor.

As a wild guess I am wondering if the Data Color software that is Windows 8 compatible may not be compatible with the Spyder3 sensor?

I keep meaning to open a support call but have never gotten around to it.

PS. The sensor itself works fine, as I use it with SpectraView II for my NEC monitor, plus I have two of the Spyder3 sensors, which I compared against each other (with SpectraView II) and both work fine on windows 8, but the Data Color software 4.5.4 will not give me the option of choosing a Spyder3 (nor will it use it when 4 is selected) and 4.0.2 will allow me to choose the Spyder3 but will not "detect" it.

PPS. Yes, I've tried installing Data Color without SpectraView II running.

PPPS. I think I am going to get rid of the last non-NEC monitor I have, and get all NEC, in which case I won't need Data Color at all.  SpectraView works perfectly.

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