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EVF's are interesting. I've never found one that I liked as much as an OVF, but the ones on the Sonys are a big improvement over the ones on the bridge cameras that I've used. I think that someday in the not too distant future they may start appearing on other brand's DSLR's as well (I consider them to be SLR's because you are still viewing through the lens that is taking the photo).

Do you know of any digital camera with LCD/EVF that don't do this?

The Sony's with EVF's are generally referred to as an SLT rather than a DSLR. That's even how Sony designates them, SLT-A77 for example.

Yes, and Pentax refer to K-01 as a hybrid cameras. Manufactures do not call these cameras DSLR, as they are something else.

I just think it is a bit confusing to consider cameras with electronic TTL viewfinders as SLR. After all, I don't think there has been any electronic viewfinder on a digital camera that is not TTL.

What bothers me is that there is little standardization of terms when it comes to types of cameras.

I don't agree, there is standardization on types of cameras, but many seems to prefer to invent their own standard. Or use some sub-category description to categorize the camera, but that will not tell what type of camera it is.

This is what I would say is the major standard types of digital cameras for photography.

- Camera phones

- Compact camera (sometimes called P&S)

- Bridge camera

- MILC (sometimes called CSC)



There are other types too (Rangefinder, TLR...), but they have so little market penetration that they are not very interesting for most users.

Does one call my Panasonic ZS15 a P&S, a compact, or a travel zoom?

I would at least use two of the terms to describe the the camera, but if you use all three its easier to get the picture of what type of camera you got.

Should a m4/3 camera be called mirrorless, ILC, or DSLR-like? If it's confusing to us, it must be even more confusing to newbies.

DSLR-like is not a type of camera, it's only a description on how the camera looks like. Any type of camera can be DSLR-like. DSLR-like has to be used together with type description to really tell what kind of camera it is. A m43 camera with typical DSLR form factor, can be described as a m43 DSLR-like camera, or mirrorless DSLR-like camera. But not all m43 cameras are DSLR-like.

I think that what we call something is usually less important than that we all call it the same thing.

The problem is, if we don't use the same definition of the words we call things, it is not possible to call thing the same. So you usually have to be careful what you call things, if not to be misunderstood.

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