Sony a99 video is so bad that I'm starting to smell a conspiracy here. Locked

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Re: Just don't get it....
In reply to sean lancaster, Dec 4, 2012

sean lancaster wrote:

Shield3 wrote:

The a99 came out about a month ago. This is still the phase where we're letting people know how bad the video is.

If you review Shield's posting history at dpreview, you will find that he is almost exclusively focused on video. He has used a plethora of cameras and participates in forums and largely discusses video. You can watch his progression from the NEX cameras to the APS-C Sony Alpha cameras and then to the A99 and now 5DIII. I'd venture to guess that he knows video pretty well. He seems to understand that most of these cameras are really made for still shooters and that video is also a feature, but not the primary feature. The way the A99 was marketed is that it was going to be quite competitive for stills but that the video aspects of the A99 would exceed competitors. So, I can see how the camera falling short in this regard brings about the response you're seeing from Shield3. I think he's been pretty fair in the assessment he's provided. When I check out the sample videos online I am seeing the problems he's identifying and I think very favorably of Sony cameras as I own one and wouldn't mind another. Most of the videos that have been posted in response do not prove Shield3 wrong. He's asked for forum members to post video proving him wrong and instead gets people telling him he's crazy or he's just spouting opinion with no basis in fact. I have crossed the A99 off of my potential upgrade list and am down to the RX1 and 5D Mark III and it's largely because of the subpar video on the A99, which is why I am hoping Sony addresses this sooner rather than later. If the A99 was closer in price to the D600 that shares the same sensor (except that Nikon pays a higher price for the sensor since they're buying it from Sony) then I'd probably keep the A99 on my list and also keep my NEX 5N for some video. Ah well.

Your opinion of shield may be accurate, but he is still a troll. The clue is in the title - "conspiracy". What conspiracy is he talking about???? Just because he does not like the video how does that become a conspiracy? Why does he feel it is his job to post a thread blasting the video performance of a still camera? The sick thing is that he thinks by posting his rubbish that he is somehow influencing  the sales of a99s. Does the poor guy have a life? Not at all. Blasting the a99 seems to be the high point of his day. He is one sad character.

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