Win 8 on older laptop--my experience

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Jeff in Va
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Win 8 on older laptop--my experience

Bottom line:  it's a go.

Put Win 8 on my Dell Latitude D630 (2G mem, core 2 duo proc, and XP).  Before I started put a bigger new harddrive in and used True Image 11 to restore system from backup of older harddrive.  Always wondered if it would work if drive died.  I used win 8 advisor and followed advice to install latest bios.

Bought and downloaded 8 from MSFT (only $40 til Jan 31, which was reason I decided to do it now).  Partially as an experiment and because I prefer Win 7 over XP.  I have Win 7 on my desktop which does all the "heavy lifting"  photowise.

Install went smoothly til near the end (after filling out forms part) then it said not compatible and reinstalled XP (this was after about 1.5 hours of installing).  Hmm, was this a waste of time?  So I repeated the process and this time no problems.  8 works fine and all the hardware drivers worked. I was particularly concerned about the wireless card.  Now the Broadcom wireless uses what I believe are standard win 8 routines.  With XP it used its own software and not the usual XP ones.

It left all my personal stuff intact.  For the heck of it, I clicked on a short cut left on the desktop view to a 16 bit program (MS QuickBasic 4.5) and win 8 asked if I wanted to enable running 16 bit stuff.  I clicked yes and it seemed to work fine.  Nice bonus, thought I'd never use a 16 bit program again.  I removed most of the apps from the metro page and added a few (most to Microsoft office, which I installed)  One nice feature of metro is whatever is happening you can push windows key and return to the metro page (more less like the button on an IPAD).  Note no games come with Win 8, you need to go to MSFT app store to get them, some are free.

Overall I am happy with the experience.  When you use the desktop page it is like win 7 and uses somewhat improved versions of win 7 things like disk partition etc.  The control panel looks the same as win 7. Some stuff is renamed like MS antivirus is now Defender.  So far no real complaints.  Am not going back to XP.  It comes back to life much faster than XP.  I just used the default power settings.  After I close the laptop lid, the computer goes to standby, then after awhile (haven't timed this) goes into what I think is called hybrid hibernate.  From this state, starts with standard bios boot, it is ready to go in about 30 secs, not bad for a 5400 rpm disk and older processor.

I wrote this because I seldom contribute to this forum and have learned a lot from it so wanted to payback a little and to let folks know my experience while Win 8 is still cheap.  I think it is definitely worth upgrading an XP system.

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