Price guesses for the 3 new lenses - add your 2 cents

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Price guesses for the 3 new lenses - add your 2 cents

First off, I am pleased to see Nikon getting serious with lens support for the 1 Series.  I just recently received my V1 - glad I waited for the huge price drop, almost got one last year.  I got the kit last week from B&H that was $899 (V1, 10-100PD lens, 10-30 lens, FT1 adapter, SB-N5 flash, Nikon case).  That kit is now listed at $1599 - wow, lucky me.

So... I already have: 10-100 PD, 10-30 (doesn't everyone), and 10 pancake.  As well as the FT-1 that I specifically got a Tamron 70-300 to use with.  Seriously, an effective FL of 810mm in a 5.9" lens - how awesome.  Going to get to the zoo later in the week to see how the setup works with the single point AF.

I will definitely be getting the 32 f/1.2 & 6.7-13 wide angle - hope they are reasonable, but considering the specs, I bet they will be pricey.  I won't need the 10-100 non-VR, obviously.

So I started thinking... "How much should I put aside for these guys?"  Here are my miscellaneous ramblings on pricing for the three lenses (all in US $).  Also known as: 'likely to be way off guesses'

10-100 ~$499 MSRP -- The current 10-100PD (with VR) is $750 with similar specs but has the silent power zoom and VR.  The current 30-110 kit lens is $250 - so it has to fit somewhere between

32 f/1.2 ~$899 MSRP -- This seems crazy high, but the current FX 85 f/1.4 is $1650, and this is faster by a full f-stop for the same equivalent FL (though the DOF control and bokeh will not even be close due to the smaller CX sensor).  I can't see it being over $1000 or no one will go for it - or will they?  I would hope it is less, as I really want one.  However, Series 1 lenses are not significantly less than there DX/FX counterparts - only about 20-30% from what I have noted.

6.7-13 ~599 MSRP -- The current Nikon 10-24 (DX lens, FL equivalent of ~15-36) is $800.  So the CX wide angle has to come in less, even though it offers VR (thank you Nikon).  However no one has anything this small and this wide (18-35 equivalent) yet, so it can be a premium.  The next closest wide angle from Nikon is the 10 f/2.8 pancake (27 equivalent).  So if you want wide, this is it - therefore they can keep the price up bit.

OK, so there is my very unscientific, 'throw something at the wall and see if sticks', try at guessing Nikon lens pricing.  Let's here your thoughts and guesses.  No ranges though, straight up to the dollar guesses.  Anyone can toss a range - I should know that is what I did first until I went back and edited. 

Nikon 1 V1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 (Lumix DMC-FT1)
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