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Dec 2, 2012

Going to ramble a bit here...

Was experimenting last night, doing some "product" photos.  Subject was my dad's old Rollie 35, a truly classic camera.  Not too long after he got this camera I got my OM1, another classic (wish I still had it, donated to a High School).  Anyway, took the following with my OMD (a new classic? time will tell).  Technology changes so fast nowadays and there is such a proliferation of cameras I think classics will be hard to come by.  Time will tell. By the way, this particular Rollie 35 was made in Singapore, not Germany (for those of you up on the history of this camera)

Thinking I should buy some film and go out and take some shots.  Would be "limited" to a fixed focus 40mm lens and just 36 exposures, and then not know how the pictures actually came out until I get them back from processing.  Really spoiled by digital.  Nice zooms lens, virtually infinite "film" with gigs and gigs of memory and immediate feedback as to how each photo comes out.  Of course these were taken with the oly 45mm 1.8.  A lens I need to use more to make myself think more when shooting.

In these particular photo's was toying with DOF.  Seems to be lots of threads lately with people thinking they need to jump ship from 4/3 to get cameras that can better achieve limited DOF. Think the sample below taken at f1.8 shows 4/3 can have shallow DOF.  In this case less than one inch, way shallow.  Of course shallow DOF was in part due to the closeness of the shot.  Lighting was pretty fancy, used my iPad as my light box using the Softbox Pro app.  Has a simple white poster board backdrop and a white reflector opposite the ipad.  Not really a lot of light, hence the long exposures.

Comments welcome.

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