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Great Bustard
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Re: Heheh
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richardplondon wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

Good one. Of course the same argument could be used the other way. The seven days in the beginning of Genesis could be a different sort of day.

In my opinion, it's easy to reconcile the Seven Days of Creation with science as the Seven Stages of Creation, and in a simplified manner for people of the time to understand, so I don't point to that particular passage as an example of a contradiction in the Bible.

See, you are using your head there - now stop, please! Remember this is the "100% literal" game here, and the rules forbid all interpretation. You cannot make allowance for the patchwork of ancient languages the books were written in, nor for cultural differences between the authors and modern-day readers, nor for the antique literary conventions and idioms used by translators during the interval.

Insist on the most obvious reading that pops into your head, taking the sentences one by one. Stick to it, regardless how ambiguous, poetical, contradictory, eccentric, incoherent those same sentences might have seemed, if encountered in any other compliation.

A day is a day on this kind of narrow reading, with 24 normal hours in it measured from sunset one day to sunset the next, because that is what we understand a day to be now, and we don't hold with anything but straight plain talk, none of your fancy nonsense about interpretations and such, and never mind that the sun and moon were not even made until the fourth day (if I have this right). There's no wiggle room. Every mistranslation or ambiguity or flat contradiction is meant to be understood just how it says, and the entire observed universe, common sense, logic, learning, intelligence, feeling, intuition all have to squish themselves out of shape as necessary in order to fit around that.

Got it?


The thing is, of course, that what is taken literally and what is taken figuatively, is simply a function of our prejudices.  That said, some interpretations are a lot more of a stretch than others.

For example, while it might be seen as "reasonable" to think of days as "stages", it's not so "reasonable" to think that Cain left Eden to find a wife in another land when Adam and Eve were the first humans, and Cain was their son.

So, just because one part of the story (and I do emphasize the word "story") can be interpreted in a "reasonable" manner, does not, for a minute, mean that the story itself is in any way related to reality.

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