Fujiguys Tweet - Raw Conversion 'Issue' - Jpegs

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Re: Fujiguys Tweet - Raw Conversion 'Issue' - Jpegs
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Charuteiro wrote:

I think the answer is in-camera JPEGs and Silkypix RFC. Fujifilm is not going to give away their secret recipe for RAW file conversion. So, X-Trans users need to accept it or not; take it or leave it...

Huh? Fuji makes zero money from holding tightly to the secret of processing X-Trans RAW files. They're not a software company. They only make money if people like their cameras and the output enough to buy hardware. So anything that hampers user's enjoyment of the output diminishes the profit potential of X-Trans based products. So it would be illogical for Fuji to withhold support to software developers.

You are completely incorrect. Why do you suppose all camera companies hide their RAW information in proprietary formats? Using your logic, they should all use an open format.

I don't understand.

That is clear.

There is no advantage to Fuji for making RAFs difficult to decode, only disadvantages.

Then why do they, and every other camera maker do it?

If you are talking about how they process the image to do film simulations, that is different.

Not really.

It is actually more effort to provide sensor data in an open format such as DNG, rather than as a proprietary RAW format. Instead of just doing a dump of the sensor data, you have to transform it first.

The data coming off the format has to be encoded into a format in order to be processed. It can be either an open format like DNG, or it can be a specially developed proprietary format. DNG is not more work, it is less since the format already exists.

I'm afraid you are wrong. I actually have over 20 years experience as a software engineer, much of it working with open and proprietary data formats.


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