If old religious scripture is combined with scientific knowledge . . .

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Re: If old religious scripture is combined with scientific knowledge . . .
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The best theory I've heard is religion is just a human intelligence evolution step. It happened when man became intelligent enough to be able to observe life and universe surround him but not yet intelligent enough to explain what they saw. This is supported by the fact that religion is part of pretty much every independently developed cultures. It can be derived from this theory that one day men will get out of religion when they become intelligent enough to not need religion to explain life and universe. We are in the middle of this last stage but it might still take a while for certain groups of people to finish this stage.

Some people will always need an ideology, whether it involves a god or not. Look at all the political BS on here. Politics will replace religion - in fact the two are nearly indistinguishable in any major respect apart from the deity.

Human beings evolve slowly, but they do react to information. We are simply better informed now (and this applies to people all over the world). Of course we can be lied to, but not for long and not about everything, and then some people choose to remain ignorant because they can't accept that they were being lied to.

Religion has almost died out in the UK. Only immigrants (notably Polish, Muslim and Sikh) seem to take it seriously, and quite a few of them are pretty relaxed about it. It's mainly people trying to get their kids into a church school who are going through the motions.

The recent refusal of the Anglican Church to ordain women bishops and their raging debate about openly gay ministers has widened the divide between religion and state. It has proved that the secular state is more ethical than it's official religion.

I agree but religion by definition always needs a god as the center piece. I'm sure many religious people do believe their god but many likely are not. Even for those who don't, or those who have doubts, they still need to defend their god in order to keep their ideology valid. It's like little kids who believe Santa and tooth fairy because they don't know better AND they like what Santa and tooth fairy have brought them. They might start to have some doubts in the transitional ages but many will still want to defend them because they don't want to loose the goodies from believing it.

Ideology can extend to religion and politics. It's a sad fact that some people need to be told what to think instead of taking things on advisement and having a good hard think for themselves. This applies equally to hard line religious fanatics as well as hard line politicos and cult followers. It's a desire to absolve oneself of personal choice and responsibility.

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