Olympus E-PM1 Questions/Recommendations for Novice

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Richard Biffl
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Re: Olympus E-PM1 Questions/Recommendations for Novice

regiolanthe wrote:

BTW, what is "IS" (intelligent ? ).

Is one brand of cheap adapter any better than others?

Also - you have to get an adapter specific to film camera brand, right? I mean - I think we have a 80's/early 90's 35 mm Minolta kicking somewhere around the house - so I'd have to get a Minolta lens-specific adapter if that had a fixed 50mm (or some other) lens on it, correct?

IS = Image Stabilization.

OIS = Optical Image Stabilization. (Same as IS.)

IBIS = In-Body Image Stabilization, which Olympus has.

I have a cheap Fotodiox adapter, which works fine. I had some other brand before, but the connection to the camera was loose so I returned it.

Yes, you need an adapter from your legacy lens mount type (e.g. Minolta SR/MC/MD) to Micro Four Thirds. (Remember, the "Micro 4/3" mount is different from Olympus's older "4/3" mount.) The legacy lens could be made by Rokkor, Tokina, Vivitar, etc., as long as it fits the mount for which you have the adapter.

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