Need Big Time Help - Enlarging for Big Prints

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Dr Robert d Snaps Contributing Member • Posts: 589
Need Big Time Help - Enlarging for Big Prints

I know this is a lot of stuff.  Have some great Christmas shots I would like to enlarge.  Any help will be appreciated Big Time.

Need help.  Doing big prints.  At least 16x20.

Have pictures from 2 older cameras – Panasonic FZ-20 and Nikon D50

Panasonic  DZ20 – 2560x1920  72 dpi  5MP

D50 – 3008 x 2000 300 dpi 6.1 MP

Have been able to get great prints (12x18) from pictures taken with the D50 by enlarging them with PSE bicubic smoothing in PSE 9.   Wondering about 16x20 and 20x30?

Have not tried to print from DZ20.

So need to enlarge to do big prints.  Read Jon Canfield and Luminous Landscape and they both say that Extensis – Smart Scale and Genuine Fractals at best only do marginally better than PSE 9 bicubic smoothing.

However Jon Canfield recommends Neat Image and Luminous Landscape recommends Noise Ninja for noise reduction.  Luminous Landscape also recommends Focal Blade for sharpening.

1.  Jon Canfield recommends when resizing to change the dpi first.

a.  On the FZ-20 it is only 72 dpi

b.  However, on the D50 it is 300 dpi

Is the 72 dpi on the FZ-20 going to make enlargements much harder?

Is it worth it to lower the D50 to 240 dpi?

2.  I am thinking of enlarging via PSE 9.  Then if noise is introduced via the enlargement process get Neat Image or Noise Ninja to correct noise.  Will either of these 2 programs correct for the type of noise that enlargements produce?

3.  Does it even make sense to try and sharpen with Focal Blade after reducing noise if extra sharpness is desired?  Not sure if this is not a reverse process?

4.  Some types of noise don’t seem to show up in prints.  How can I test a small print sample to determine what a larger print will look like?  Do you enlarge and then just take a crop of 4x6 somewhere in the picture and print?

Maybe this should go in the Printer Forum but they seem more focused on printers and ink and stuff.  If it should go there let me know and I will move the thread.

Hoping someone can help,


Nikon D50
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