Thom Hogan on D600 oil/dust issue

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Re: Needless criticism towards Hogan...
In reply to J Mankila, Nov 25, 2012

J Mankila wrote:

BackInTheGame wrote:

It's always a matter of taking the good with the bad when you read Hogan. He delivers some good info, and then he takes his obligatory shot at Nikon. It's almost as if he applied for a job with them and was rejected. I suppose a number of people have emailed him to complain (I'm not one of them), so he felt a need once again to slip into that "impartial journalist" mode to write a defense. This seems to happen quite often of late.

If interpretations such as yours make you feel better about Nikon, go ahead...

If you like Nikon and you want to hear good things about the company, you won't like reading Hogan's writings. You want comfort and reassurance.

If you like Nikon but you want to know how they're really doing their business, you'll have to accept some of the more uncomfortable facts as well.

It might just boil down to being honest about your own feelings first. (Not a personal suggestion to Backinthegame, but to all of you who choose to scold Thom.)

Everyone buying $2000 or $3000 cameras is presumably an adult. Adults can handle their own problems and form their own opinions. I don't need Hogan, or a poll, or a write-in campaign for that. However, I did enjoy the meat of his writing about oil and dust on sensors. We all get that occasionally, even those of us who don't own a D600. He is obviously someone worth reading, if he would just drop the last one or two paragraphs of each article.

How much do you want to read about the problems from endless complaints and speculations on a forum such as this? How much do you want someone with vast experience in testing Nikon cameras and a long history in observing camera introductions to make sense of the situation?

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Janne Mankila, Finland

I think you are confusing things by assuming I am some kind of shill for Nikon.  I use Nikon cameras and lenses, and have done so for many years.  It is true that Nikon builds my cameras.  I don't like to see someone use his public position to hammer that company on a daily basis when there is actually no proof of fact in what he is saying.  He is surmising and assuming.  He is criticizing Nikon for not running its business the way Thom Hogan would run its business.  Is Hogan actually that astute at running a corporation like Nikon?  I doubt it.  He doesn't know any more about it than the next photographer.

Thom Hogan gets massive amounts of emails, and a great deal of it is from people who have the money to buy expensive cameras but not the patience and fortitude to mature with the camera.  It takes a lot of time and sometimes patience with yourself and with the camera in order to get to that place you want to be.  There are people out there like Matt Granger who are doing the things that will create the photographers of the future.  Hogan did the same at one time, but it appears that time has passed.

No one is saying Hogan should be a cheerleader for Nikon.  However, he is actually trying to tear it down.  He criticizes everything from business decisions to engineering decisions on a daily basis, and that suggests an agenda.  It has the appearance of retribution against a company that slighted him in some way.  I would like to know what happened.  I don't think it has anything to do with Nikon cameras.  I think it is personal.

To answer one of your points.  No, I don't want to know how Nikon runs its business.  I don't care, so long as I am getting what I want from them.  I enjoy taking pictures and reading about camera gear. I spent some quality time Thanksgiving with family and my D800E.  I have grown very fond of and comfortable with this camera, and it gets better with each use.  It is classic Nikon.  That's really the whole point of it, I think.

But it doesn't hurt to get reminders now and then from experts, just as I was reminded to watch out for dust accumulation that could ruin a nice photo one day.  I got that reminder from Hogan, just before he started his daily diatribe.  Then I watched a nice comparison of Nikon 50mm lenses by Matt Granger.  I don't need help on choosing a 50mm lens.  I already have the one I will stick with.  I just enjoyed watching the presentation.  The guy makes it interesting.  Hogan used to do that too.

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