Professional printer for home use vs outsourcing prints

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Re: Professional printer for home use vs outsourcing prints
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I print a lot on the Canon 9000 Mark II.  Enough so that I just got another box of ink today which should last me a year for $76 (incl. shipping) out of R-JetTek in Colorado.  It's OCP ink, fwiw, and costs about 30 cents a refill in the 8 ounce bottle sizes (About $7 per 8 ounce bottle (23 refills), verses $368 for the same amount in Canon ink carts @ $16 per cart.).

If I really get cheap, I can go to the local 99 Cent Store and buy inkjet paper for 99 cents.  I get 20 sheets of glossy 8x10 inch for 99 cents which I suspect may be unsold due to 8.5x11 inkjet photo paper becoming a more commonplace paper size.  It works well enough for test prints, so figure out my costs, maybe 8 cents an 8x10?  I doubt Costco can beat that now as I think they are $1.49 for that size now.

Of course, you also need to factor in things like the printer (I paid $200 off a Craigslist's seller.), a chip-resetter tool, syringes, and maybe a means to write your own profiles with the 3rd-party ink and odd papers too.  If you get serious or become color-stumped, a "ColorMunki Photo" can help there (Watch for their annual rebate offers on it to save $35-$50 too.) as it is pricey at $450, but it makes a printer's life so much easier and color tunes both your monitor and printer easily and it's fun too.  I figure I've saved enough over OEM ink carts in the past year to have paid for the ColorMunki Photo too.

The exotic papers are also nice too.  Metallic papers will blow away most store bought prints and will make the colors sparkle for about $5 per A3+ size (largest 13x19 inch) out of it too. Canvas paper can be had much cheaper than Costco too (I think Costco was $36 for a 13 incher?).


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