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Re: DXO's Pentax K-5II Review
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I'm a long time Canon user but I've also used a K-5 for the last year. I just upgraded to the K-5IIs.

The K-5 indeed has very good image quality but the 5DII and 5DIII are better. More than that, however, is the lens lineup from Canon has no peers (not even Nikon in my view) and full-frame has a differnt look than APS-C. The K-5 is an outstanding camera to use. The only one better I have used is the 5D Mark III.

DxO scores seem to be biased towards dynamic range, do not take into account resolution and are only for base ISO. Many of score advantages of Nikon, for example, disappear by ISO1600 yet this is not obvious because  DxO only reports base ISO scores where, in fact, differences are harder to notice in the final image. Keep in mind the DxO scores, even if you agree with their methodolgy, is for the sensor only and does not take into account camera handling, lenses or differcnes in image appearnce with sensor format such as bokeh, DOF and diffraction. A large pixeled Point and Shoot could get a very high score but still be unsuitable for photographic needs.

All that said, the K-5 is an excellent camera which is why I use it. The 5DIII is a better camera with outstanding L lenses, which is why I take it when it matters. I have noted that the 5D Mark III has copied, and improved upon some of the features of the Pentax K-5 which I like. One of the nicer features Canon did not copy is the rotating of the INFO screen when in Portrait orientation. Very nice for tripod work but I rarely use my K5 on a tripod.

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