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Re: V2 against D4...
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rayman 2 wrote:

Please excuse me that I post in both forums but i think this discussion is interesting for both camera groups..

Since I own both The D4 and the V1 as long as the cameras are out I´d like to shed a new light on that unusual duo D4 and the new V2......

Both cameras are pretty near to each other when it comes to philosphy... Megapixels... well the V2 has 14 MP and the D4 has 16 MP..... While the D4 has a very defensive signal processing the V1 and the V2 have a lot less defensive and so resolution is quite on par.....

The v2 has 15 pps with continuos AF while the D4 maxes out at around 10 with c-af... The series 1 has a very advanced AF system that also works well in live view since thats all it has.. Facial recognition works well on the series 1 The series 1 is silent and motionless with electronic shutter wereas the D4 has a quite noticeable mirror slap.. even in quiet mode can you hear it.... V 2 maxes out at 16000 th of a second and D4 maxes out at 8000 th of a second. The D4 is a lot more durable and weather sealed..... On the other hand the V2 is a lot smaller.... So you will ask whats the catch... ??? !!

Its not the size of the sensor its 2 things that are the problem..... First one is the lack of fast lenses... note that the D4 and the V2 have to be compared with 2.5 stops difference.... The new 18.5 f 1.8 lens equals a 50mm lens on the D4 with f 4.5.. You´d also have to look at the low iso quality with 2.5 stops difference.... you use the D4 with 6400 iso and the V2 with 1000 iso..... Those are correspondig f stops..... When you mount those fast primes like the F2-200mm VR it works already today....it equals an f 4.5 540mm not so on the small lenses..... The 10-30mm 3.5- 5.6 equals a 27mm- 80mm but with f9-16... thats the catch...

Also the faster long lenses from the F series dont C-af on the series 1 ft1 adapter... The birders among you will second my findings here....

Note that in 1983 when you wanted the same quality of image you had to use a Hasselblad 2000FC/M. It only had 12 pictures per load with a standard back.. 70 with special one..... It had no motor... if you were lucky you got 1 picture per second... it maxed out at 2000 th of a second It had manual focus only and no live view Mirror slap was that of a truckdoor..... The lenses had focal lengths from 15mm - 300mm (35mm equiv.) The camera had no internal metering the Nikons both have all automatics...

Even iso 400 was bad... higher was impossible..

Yet the most impressive pictures were taken back then ....iconic... like the famous pictures on the moon...


You are right, the D4 is better, if you leave out value.

If you have a D4, just add a V2 as a light side dish.

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