10.8.2 Update Fiasco - Dodged a bullet, looking for upgrade links.

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Najinsky Veteran Member • Posts: 4,931
10.8.2 Update Fiasco - Dodged a bullet, looking for upgrade links.

Around 10 Years of smooth hassle free OS upgrades ended with the purchase of a new 13" MBPr.

I decided to go for the 256GB flash storage version, which is the largest stock model, rather than wait 4 weeks and pay $500 more for the 512GB CTO.

Like many people are discovering, these (and some other new machines) come with 10.8.1 installed, whereas the latest version is 10.8.2. Some poor unfortunates managed to upgrade to 10.8.2 only to get unbootable computers.

So Apple pulled the 10.8.2 update, but that only swapped one set of problems for others, because other updates, such as iPhoto, iTunes and Aperture were already released and were dependant on 10.8.2.

The result is a chaotic collection of issues:


Usually, I use the migration assistant to transfer, but because I opted for the 256GB version, I decided to start afresh and only install Apps and data as I need them. This seems to have avoided the big issues, where others have ended up with 10.8.2 Apps which don't run on their 10.8.1 installation, and have no way of updating to 10.8.2, even the combo updater refuses to install.

However, for Aperture, I downloaded the trial, and then used my serials from 2 and 3. This is fine and I have a working Aperture, except the trial was from way back at version 3.1 and obviously, none of my libraries are compatible with this version. Unfortunately, software update doesn't identify any Aperture updates, so I'm stuck on 3.1 which is quite sucky by comparison to 3.4.

I'd appreciate if, anyone has a link to the updater for the latest version that is compatible, with 10.8.1.

Version 3.4 was released September 19, which is the same day as 10.8.2, so I suspect the last 10.8.1 compatible version was 3.3.2, released July 25.

Obviously this won't solve my library issue, but it will let me use a better release with my new photos I'm waiting to process, while waiting for Apple to sort the mess out.

Thanks, -Najinsky

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