The other Gaza Timeline

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The other Gaza Timeline
Nov 17, 2012

In the US it is the little tiny David of Israel, battling the Goliath of Hamas. Well, no one with a straight face can defend Hamas as being some sort of reasonable people whose only interest is Peace. ON the other hand, Netanyahu and company ​NEED Hamas. ​ And nothing pleases them more then the present conflict, which they wanted, and which they got...

"Assassination of Hamas leader, Ahmad Jaabari, is a major escalation and primarily about Netanyanu shoring up the right-wing of his base before he faces reelection in January."

Yesterday’s Egyptian-brokered cease-fire between Gaza and Israel collapsed today when Israel launched a major escalation. In airstrikes almost certainly involving US-made F-16 warplanes and/or US-made Apache helicopters, Israel’s air force assassinated Ahmad Jaabari, the longtime military leader of Hamas. As the Israeli airstrikes continued today, seven more Palestinians were killed and at least thirty were injured, ten of them critically...

...As is always the case, history is shaped by when you start the clock. In the last several days, US media accounts have reported increasing violence on the Gaza-Israel border, most of them beginning with a Palestinian attack on Israeli soldiers on Thursday, November 8. What happened before that Palestinian attack?
For starters, the soldiers, part of an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) squad that included four tanks and a bulldozer, were inside the Gaza Strip. According to the IDF spokeswoman, Palestinians fired at “soldiers while they were performing routine activity adjacent to the security fence.”

Really. What kind of activities inside the supposedly not-occupied Gaza Strip, by a group of armed soldiers, tanks and a bulldozer (almost certainly an armored Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer manufactured in the United States and paid for with US taxpayer military aid to Israel), could possibly be defined as anything close to “routine”? Unlike the illegal Palestinian rockets fired against civilian targets inside Israel, using force to resist an illegal military force in the context of a belligerent military occupation is lawful under international law.

Later that day, an 11-year-old child was killed. Israel was “investigating the boy’s death.” Not many US media outlets reported that within the next seventy-two hours the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights documented five more Palestinians killed, including three children, and fifty-two other civilians, including six women and twelve children, wounded in Israeli airstrikes. Four of the deaths and thirty-eight injuries resulted from a single Israeli attack on a football playground in a neighborhood east of Gaza city. Twelve Israelis, four of them soldiers, were injured by Palestinian rockets fired into Israel.

The cross-border clashes continued, until Egypt was able to negotiate a ceasefire on Wednesday. Today, that fragile ceasefire was violently breached as Israel sent warplanes to assassinate a Hamas leader and destroy key parts of Gaza’s barely functional infrastructure.

This is primarily about Netanyanu shoring up the right wing of his base. And once again it is Palestinians, this time Gazans, who will pay the price. The question that remains is whether the US-assured impunity that Israel’s leadership has so long counted on will continue, or whether there will be enough pressure on the Obama administration and Congress so that this time, the United States will finally be forced to allow the international community to hold Israel accountable for this latest round of violations of international law.
Gaza Timeline

And now the screams of worry about Israel fill the media. After all, it's GRAD rockets against Jews armed with BB guns and slingshots. And when the smoke clears we will find that little Israel managed to kill 100 Palestinians for every casualty they take.

Aren't miracles and Acts of God Great?


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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