Hamas fire 100 rockets into Israel today.

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Re: Hamas fire 100 rockets into Israel today.
In reply to René Schuster, Nov 13, 2012

René Schuster wrote:


Israel will only withdrawal from the Golan Heights and agree to a two state solution with the West Bank as a Palestinian state....IF their security needs are fully met and "guaranteed" by the UN/International community.

Israel withdrawing from the Golan? Haha, they never will do that, as this area provides a third of Israel's water supply, that's why the Golan was stolen (occupied, annexed) from Syria in the first place in 1967!

Some historical accuracy is in order. The Golan heights were used as a base of attacks on israeli villages from terror organizations such as the PLO, and from syrian army bombardments prior to the 67 war. Here is a quote from Assad in 66:

"We shall never call for nor accept peace. We shall only accept war. We have resolved to drench this land with your blood. To oust you aggressors, to throw you into the sea"

With such neighbours who needs enemies?

In 67 Syria attacked Israel and lost the Golan heights in the war (which they started). Israel offered to return the Golan heights after the war in June 67 as a part of a peace treaty and syria refused.

In the meantime, Israel will do whatever it deems necessary in order to defend itself and protect it's citizens.

Yes, whatever it deems necessary, no matter if it is illegal under international law or not! And I'm not so sure if Netanjahu's politics are actually in the interest of the Jews or Israel's citizens; his agenda is this Zionist state, that's all.

Would you break the law in your country if that law was unable to keep your safety?

What about the IDF's targeted fire today from the Golan heights at a Syrian artillery unit?? That was the news today, not little Hamas "rockets"!

Even the IDF admitted that the 2 or 3 Syrian shells that landed up there on the Golan heights (Syrian territory!) without doing any damage were fired by mistake and not aimed at the IDF. The world tries to calm down this conflict and Israel's administration under the warmongering Netanjahu adds fuel to the flames! Trying to provoke Assad's military? Or its ally Iran? "Please, shoot at us so we have a reason to start the big war with the possible chance of Greater Israel"? Criminals!

Right, the world tries to calm the conflict with Turkey and the gulf states funding and arming the rebels, and Iran and Russia funding and arming Assad but everybody are just trying to calm the conflict.


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