Show Your Snaps...November 12, 2012

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Show Your Snaps...November 12, 2012

We invite you again to show your own snapshots or even choice pictures. Remember it's all about the enjoyment of taking pictures regardless of what we have. We can learn from each other and it's fun to share too.

The best place for sunshine this past Saturday for me was at the beach.  It was there that I took lots of pictures at Ecola State Park, Oregon.

We will start a new thread for this every week now due to the popularity. I'll be sure to comment also to your images, if you choose to share. Thanks everyone for your participation.

Photo No. 1 - I started my hike along the coast towards Indian Beach, which is on the right side of the photo.  The lighthouse on the rock out at sea can be seen on the left side.

Photo No. 2 - One of the first things I saw at Indian Beach was some surfers enjoying the waves.  The lighthouse now can be seen quite well here.  Zoom lens compression makes that lighthouse appear closer than it is.

Photo No. 3 - Here's another photo of the surfers.  I was able to crop a little to get closer.

Photo No. 4 - As I walked along Indian Beach, I enjoyed the quiet serenity.

Photo No. 5 - Later during the day, we lost our sunshine and the clouds came in.  We see people enjoying their stay at the beach, including some surfers and a photographer.

Photo No. 6 - Here's a closer look at the photographer as he sets up his camera on a tripod.  What do you see here that you would not do?

Photo No. 7 - As I began to walk back towards my car, the sun was starting to set in the horizon.

Photo No. 8 - At one point, I found that the sunset wasn't all that good because there were too many clouds, but my eye caught this brief moment.  I zoomed in for this great opportunity.  It only lasted seconds, as the colors changed fast and the photographer moved around too quickly.  But I was grateful to capture this one.

Photo No. 9 - It became darker, but I still enjoyed taking pictures, not wanting to go back home.  It was such a fun day.

Photo No. 10 - Finally, here's another photo that I later took after the sun had set.

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