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Durable Point and Shoot

Our office has a few p&s cameras available for use when employees go on site visits. We are looking to replace one and need to do a little better than the Canon Powershots we have been purchasing in the past.

Our problem is that our folks don't treat the cameras like they are their own...so we basically need a camera that is adult-toddler proof. 
Budget is no more than $150.
It needs to be compact - fit in pocket
Will mostly take pictures of buildings, equipment, etc., Many indoors so battery life needs to be good.
We have had Canons, but they just havent been durable enough...and battery life has not been great.  Our latest camera is the Canon PS1200. The pictures it takes are fine for what we need.
Again, adults are using the cameras, but it seems like we are giving them to 7 year olds. We need a camera that is a little tough to withstand being tossed in the bottom of a bag and not being treated with kid gloves...they will be on construction sites, going up ladders, banging it a bit.
We have a fleet of rechargeable batteries, and we would like to continue to use rechargeable...if it were a camera with internal rechargeable, I know the first person to use it would lose the cable, or leave it in their hotel, etc. (again, adults that act like kids). Perhaps a camera with a viewfinder as well as the LCD (so that there is the option of turning the LCD off to preserve battery life?

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