DPR K5II vs K5IIs Studio Shots are Up

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Re: DPR K5II vs K5IIs Studio Shots are Up
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Lawnmower Shooter wrote:

GordonBGood wrote:

Lawnmower Shooter wrote:

I just noticed this thread. I can say as I had wondered before, the IIs has less, or at least smaller, noise grain. Maybe this is just each pixel not bleeding over to the next, but the appearance is of less noise. Maybe the lack of a standard LPF blocks less actual light and allows for less iso gain? I would be interested to know exactly why this is, but there is a definite difference. I will also say, the original K5 looks slightly worse than the II, and the II looks slightly worse than the IIs.

It's hard to compare the K-5 to either of the K-5 II(s) as the 'II''s are focussed a little further frontward than the K-5, which seems to be focussed on the background surface.

I guess this is as good a time as any to get into it. I have also heard from people that uneven focusing makes these comparisons worthless, but in reality it is only that way for sharpness comparisons. A camera will show the same noise profile whether you are tac sharp or not. This is a very simple example, two shots, one almost focused on a wall with a nail, and one totally blurred. Crops were cut from the full size file, then up rezzed for easier viewing. Full FOV files are downsized to show the difference in focusing of the two. The crops are taken from the portion just to the left of the nail. In terms of noise, both are identical, focusing makes no difference in noise pattern.

I had actually intended replying to one post up the thread but ended up with yours, however, there are things that I would say (and have said on another thread) about the finer grain noise patterns as produced by the K-5, K-5 II, and K-5 IIs by Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) with default noise reduction settings:  ACR is known to apply different noise reduction depending on model, which will affect the apparent "noise grain size".  I have downloaded the ISO 6400 samples for these cameras from both Image-Resource (IR) and here at DPR and find no difference in noise grain pattern when using a "camera model neutral" raw conversion such as that of RawTherapee, which is especially more obvious with the IR samples as they are consistently exposed whereas the K-5 sample on DPR is considerably underexposed as compared to the others which affect the noise magnitude and average values.  This sameness would seem to make more sense given that the three models have the same sensor and PRIME2 hardware imaging engine across them.

You are correct that differences in focussing will have no affect on the fineness of the noise pattern; however, it could affect the appearance of moiré and the perceived benefit of not having an Anti-Aliasing (AA) filter, although both the K-5 II and the K-5 IIs appear to be focussing about the same.

Regards, GordonBGood

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