Split Screen, ...Why aren't alternative VF screens available in modern DSLRs?

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Re: Split Screen, ...Why aren't alternative VF screens available in modern DSLRs?

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Split screen absence in modern DSLRs is a mystery to many people..., it surely should be available as an alternative in modern DSLRs... IMO AF makes photographers more lazy ...and "more lazy" surely affects the result to an extend... I also believe that all auto functions of a camera should be designed as alternatives to the traditional "all controls to photographer" - now "ancient" way... but that's just me.

Yet, there is a provision for screens to be removed with the traditional "through the mount way" and nothing would have to be altered for users that don't miss it in modern Nikon DSLRs... so, no harm to them either, just a very useful alternative for traditional users.



If memory serves, some initial digital cameras can change focusing screen.  And there were third party screens available too. Recently they seem dead, Gone with the Wind.

I really miss split-microprism-matte screen.  All these affect this and affect that doesn't bother me, as long as it only impact IQ minimally, if at all. As photographers, we should be able to learn, to acquaint, to adjust with, and build a rapport with our camera, aka KYC (Know Your Camera!).

Well, it seems a lot of reasons for not so.  One of course is additional cost, not sure how much.


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