America has been fundamentally transformed

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Re: America has been fundamentally transformed
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I'm sorry to say that I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, we as a nation, have passed the tipping point toward socialism...the failed ideology that has been unsuccessful in every instance that it has ever been experimented with. The inmates are running the asylum, at least for the short term, until the credit card simply will not be honored further by our creditors. I'm glad my mother and father have passed and are not here now to view the hollow shell of what was once a strong nation inhabited by strong people. Those days are gone. These people were life-long Democrats that would not now recognize their own party.

When the country elects a lightweight nobody who came out of nowhere to the highest post in the nation and who then screws up every single issue presented to him and gets re-elected, we clearly are a nation in descent. Obama's election, abysmal performance in office, and re-election are living proof.

This is not lost on our friends or our enemies and when we're gone, who will come to the aid of the Europeans and others? Don't look to us for help...we can't even help ourselves.

It's extremely disappointing.


Your are so far from socialism that it makes you the joke. By today's standards you people can't even be called socially caring. Half the world runs on a platform of social responsibility towards it population, but all we hear from you mob is complaining when some makes a move towards putting in place anything that may help people that need it.

Country's all over the world run on what you call socialism, but we tend to call functional government. In this day and age the US will only slip down further into the mire regardless of who's in power with yours and Marty's attitude.

As I look at Europe today, it seems to me THEY have slipped into the "mire". Even the most retarded Conservative can come up with a list of great ideas that would benefit all of mankind. So liberals and conservatives have this in common. What separates us is that conservatives ask the question: How do we pay for it? This is the question Europe forgot to ask.

You people don't seem to have the concept that you really don't "pay". It's you help others while others help you by pooling resources together. Other than some redistribution you should, on average, receive the benefits and services the same as you paid into it. It's legit if you don't like the redistribution part but there is no fortune lost. The only prerequisite is we have an efficient government and not to waste money in things such as foreign wars.

Ah, "efficient government" (giggle). No matter that socialism has never been successful anywhere...ever...yet still it has its disciples. Go figure.

What is this red line then?

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Does that look like an unsustainable trajectory to you?  It looks like one of those Clarkvision analyses.

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