Struggle to have my E-620 properly fixed by Olympus Hauppauge - any suggestions?

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Struggle to have my E-620 properly fixed by Olympus Hauppauge - any suggestions?

Short version:

My Olympus E-620 seems to have developed a "sticky shutter", where every so often a picture comes out completely black. This happens most often, but not exclusively, for the first shot taken on a given day.
I have sent it in twice for service to Olympus in NY and the problem still hasn't been resolved. I would welcome any advice on how to get them to finally fix it right.

Longer version:

I've had a three-year extended warranty from Olympus on this camera. The problem started occurring after I've had the camera for about two and a half years. It happened twice during a vacation in the spring, so in May I sent it in for cleaning (complementary with the extended warranty) and asked them to check the shutter at the same time.

The camera was returned to me with a note "Repair Shutter Mech". Unfortunately, as I found during the next few months, the problem has not been resolved. Also, annoyingly, the camera was returned to me with a dust speck visible through the viewfinder that I've been unable to clean -- I'm guessing it must be on the inside of the focusing screen.

Back to the main problem, I noticed over the next few months that it's been becoming more frequent, so in October I contacted Olympus via email and they told me to send the camera in again for additional repair. On the repair form I sent with the camera I explained the problem and also asked them to clean that dust speck from the viewfinder.

A couple of days later I got an email notification requesting me to authorize a charge of $140 for the repair. When I called them to ask what that was about, they told me that the six month repair warranty was over by just a few days but under the circumstances they agreed to fix it for free. This was BS as the old repair slip had a date in May and I was talking with them in October - clearly under six months - but I saw no point in arguing when I've already reached my goal so I just thanked them and hung up. Still, such incidents just shouldn't happen at a reputable company.

Today the camera was returned to me with the following note: "RESET ALL. No trouble found". I put the lens on, popped in a flash card and a battery. I kid you not, the very first shot I took came out completely black. To add insult to injury, they haven't bothered to clean the viewfinder either.

I mean, I understand that this may be a tricky problem for them to reproduce. After that first black picture, I took another one hundred (!) and they all came out fine. The best chance of reproducing it is if the camera hasn't been used for a few days, which is probably not how service technicians like to diagnose things. Still, if a customer sends a camera in for repair for the second time with the same problem, I would expect them to give me a little bit of credit/benefit of the doubt/whatever you want to call it and take me seriously and actually do something even if they aren't sure that it's needed rather than just reset the camera settings to factory defaults and hope for the best.

I welcome your suggestions on what to do next. I am inclined to email a version of the above to the customer service manager at Olympus, but perhaps people on this forum who have dealt with Olympus Service before could offer a better strategy.

Olympus E-620
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