what is the reality of mFT sales?

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jim stirling
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what is the reality of mFT sales?

The forum has been bombarded recently by a certain poster{with a hatred for the Nikon 1 system } regarding inaccurate claims about the sales of mirrorless cameras in various markets compared to DSLR’s. Personally I could care less, I buy what I like or need and don’t give a hoot if it is the most popular choice.

Obviously concrete statistical data { re specific numbers of units sold} is in short supply what we do have are the sales figures from BCN which are very good indicators of the Japanese market. Then we have the lists of what digital models are selling from sites like Amazon USA ,UK and Germany .I have also looked at the figures from Pixmania { a favourite of the Nikon1 hater].

I will provide from the available data the details of the top 20 selling cameras in the lists from the sites mentioned previously. Along with the highest position on the list for a mFT model and for a DSLR model..

Where possible I am going include the sales of all digital cameras as I am interested in overall numbers not the rather pointless which mirrorless system is doing best against another mirrorless system.

BCN Japan


Top 20 selling digital cameras: 12 DSLR, 3 Pentax Q {seriously!} , 1 Panasonic mFT , 1 Nikon 1 model, 1 Canon Eos-M, 1 Sony Nex, and 1 Sony SLT

DSLR 1ST place , mFT 7th

BCN DATA SET 2011 VS 2012


In the first 6 months of 2011 Olympus held 37.95% of the mirrorless market compared to 28.6% this year , Panasonic figure of 17.3% is only 4.5% points ahead of the Nikon 1 system.

Amazon USA


Top 20 selling digital cameras: 12 DSLR , 6 P&S , 1 Sony RX100 , 1 Nex

First DSLR 1st place ,first mFT 24th place

Amazon UK


Top 20 selling digital cameras: 5 DSLR , 15 P&S

First DSLR 1st place, first mFT there are none in the top 50 selling digital cameras.

Amazon Germany


Top 20 selling digital cameras 2 DSLR , 18 P&S

First DSLR 4TH place ,there are none in the top 50 selling digital cameras,

Pixmania UK


Top 20 selling digital cameras 6 DSLR , 14 P&S

First DSLR on list 3rd spot , first mFT no mFT cameras in the top 50

Pixmania Germany


Top 20 selling cameras 5 DSLR , 12 P&S , I Sony RX100, 2 Nikon 1 system models

First DSLR on list 2nd place , first mFT on list 43rd position

Pixmania France


Top 20 selling digital cameras 7 DSLR, 13 P&S .

First DSLR on the list 1st place, first mFT camera 42nd spot.

I am aware that these respective sales data lists, do not by any stretch cover the whole market. However it is a reasonable poll of the multi-national sales of various types of digital camera taken from companies representing millions of sales. Looking at the various data sets it looks as if mFT is nowhere near the market penetration that was predicted by many. In fact if you look a little closer at the mFT models doing well on the lists {relatively speaking} they are dominated by the low end models. I am not saying that I don’t believe mirrorless is the future for I do, I am just suggesting that mFT may not be the kings of the castle. The relative success of both Canon and Nikons half-hearted efforts at mirrorless cameras { http://bcnranking.jp/news/1210/121029_24049.html } with Nikon ending the period on 12.8% and Canon with the pretty mediocre eos-M show the impact of brand awareness. I think that Panasonic camera sales may be damaged due to the company’s perception as an electronics maker rather than a camera maker.

I am obviously not a market analyst but looking at these figures objectively does not make for such a rosy picture for mFT. The number of low end discounted mFT models on the chart suggests that sales are not as brisk as they once were, this is clearly reflected in the respective results from both Panasonic and Olympus’s imaging divisions. Considering the advantages mFT has compared to the other mirrorless makers , being first to market, best choice of bodies, best selection and quality of lenses .The fact that between them Panasonic and Olympus’s share of the mirrorless market has fallen from 68.2 [ first half 2011 } to 45% { latest BCN data} is worrying.

Obviously all the data is live and subject to small fluctuations the numbers quoted. are. correct  at time of posting.

So to any market analysts on the forum or those in possession of a crystal ball { after you PM me the lottery numbers ,please} I am curious how you see things developing , I think that Thom Hogan’s { another hate figure for youknowwho } interpretation of the available data is not unfair


What do you think ?

P.S apologies for any typos , I am keeping an eye on my Mum , who hasn't been too well of late and I am typing this on an ipad 3  while she naps, amazing screen makes every photo look better lol. Though for me it is the single most annoying  gadget i have ever owned, nothing works they way it should, user friendly may backside.

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