Video codec type and capture bitrate w. K-01, K-5 Mark II

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Re: Video codec type and capture bitrate w. K-01, K-5 Mark II
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Francis Carver wrote:

Thank you, Russel, for the link to the review of the K-5. Although the K-5 is now only $850, I was actually looking at the K-5 Mark II, which is still priced at $1,200 on B&H. That is quite a huge upcharge, i.e. $350. I am thinking over whether the Mark II is worth the upgraded price. According to the review, the K-5 cannot do autofocusing in video even with Pentax lenses, and neither can the K-5 Mark II. But there must be some differences for the $350 price gap between K-5 & K-5II, correct?

Some info in the review is not exactly what Pentax rep told me when I called back again today. For instance, Pentax says that in Best quality 1080p25, 1GB of card will record 79 seconds of M-JPEG video , which comes to 12.46MB per second, which comes to a bitrate of 101MB/sec. So, that's pretty close to the 95Mb/sec rate I saw in the Wiki chart. Reviewer states 500-600MB/min in 1080p25 highest quality, that would come to app. 10MB/sec or 80Mb/sec. So, safe to say that the Pentax K-5 & K-5 Mark II record intraframe M-JPEG, not the interframe H.264 MPEG-4 Long GOP garbage, and do so at 80-100Mb/sec bitrate in top-notch quality. In Medium quality, the bitrate drops to 60Mbit/sec to 77Mb/sec. BTW, the M-JPEG is an intraframe and fixed bitrate codec, is it not?

Now for the bad news.... shutter speed cannot be adjusted in video mode, according to the Pentax chap it is always 1/25th of a second in 1080p video. So, that's not good at all, you would want 1/50th of a second obviously, otherwise you'll have way too much motion blurring. The iris can be set manually, but cannot be changed during actual recording. ISO cannot be set in video mode. Audio level also cannot be set in video mode.
So, other than setting the iris and then have the camera adjust ISO automatically, there is not much one seem to be able to do in video mode by way of creative control, be it the K-5 or K-5 Mark II. Surprised to see that these cameras do not even sport a separate video START/STOP button, especially surprising with the K-5II. I am particularly bothered by the slow shutter speed of only 1/25th of a second at all times whilst shooting 25p video. Re. the 25p 25 frame-per-second frame rate, that is pretty weird, too. Japan is 60 Hertz, so they do not use 25p any more there than we do in North America. Maybe the K-5 video was meant only for the European 50 hertz PAL markets? Over here, we would need 24p film rate or 30p television refresh rate.
 Finally, re. K-01, it records video in H.264 interframe Long GOP, that is not something I want to get into at all.

Francis, I think that if you are primarily interested in video that you wouldn't pick Pentax DSLR's as it is clear from the reviews that they aren't really state of the art as compared to Canon and Nikon and the mirrorless offerings from Sony, Panasonic, or perhaps even Olympus.  That said, there have been developed some tricks that allow one to bypass some of the limitations as to not allowing ISO sensitivity to change during a video clip and forcing a desired exposure time that you will find if you search this forum or other locations on the Internet, and it (and the preceding K-7 model) have been used to successfully record very good movies.
 differences; and the very low price of the K-5 just reflects its end-of-model-cycle pricing stage as compared to just recently announced and available for sale model(s).  If you want to buy the new models for about $1000 then just wait about six months to just after a new 24 MP model Pentax DSLR is introduced that may have many of the video features that you are looking for, although that model will certainly be introduced at a premium price.  Just for comparison's sake, the K-5 had a introduction price of  $1600 so a new 24 MP DSLR model is likely to be introduced at a price at least that high.  As to video performance, both the older K-5 and the newer 'II' models have the same sensor and the same hardware imaging engine, the PRIME2, which contains the video codecs, so the video performance will remain exactly the same.areAs to the price difference between the K-5 and the K-5 II(s), the new model(s) bring a few new features as in an improved LCD monitor, a very much improved Auto Focus module, as well as the non Anti-Aliasing (AA) filter option of the 's' model so there 
 for non-worse-case as to detail scenes.  The rate will go to the highest rate if there is enough high-contrast detail to require it.typical usevalues and those depend on video content.  The values that Pentax gives are maximum rates at which storage will fill whereas the rates given in reviews that actually measure it are for average values and then there are maximum As to video bit rates, there are 
Regards, GordonBGood
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