Canon needs to get cracking

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Re: Canon needs to get cracking
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shleed wrote:

Posted this on another thread, since I'm too lazy to type a proper response on here:

We all buy into consumerism, but I always see the purchase of a DSLR and it's lenses to be an investment rather than a commodity that can be thrown away for next year's whizz-bang model. If I got a 5DmkIII I would only really end up taking the exact same photos that I took with my 7D and previous DSLRs. Sure they might look a tiny bit more sharper, cleaner and colourful... but it won't help me take better pictures.

I have no intention of "upgrading" from my 7D unless it breaks down completely. In fact I only use 10% of it's features; I rarely go above ISO 3200 and rarely use it's advanced AF system, only resorting to centre point AF. I only really bought it for video work, since my 40D before was actually fufilling my needs quite well. I don't even use the full 18 megapixels, and instead I resize them down to 10mp! An upgrade would be worthless for me and I would be safe to assume that it would be similar for most of you too. The only real "need" would be for people doing the likes of sports photography, were more advanced DSLR features are actually needed.

How about not caring about future/rival DSLRs and actually do some PHOTOGRAPHY? I think it's pretty silly of people to "upgrade" if their last camera can do pretty much 99.99% of shots without much issue (which is most DSLRs, even entry level).

First off, wow, the HTML editor really sucks! I can't seem to take pieces of your commentary and split it apart... Sigh...

I think you're being a bit presumptuous about how others may use the equipment although I  too have suspected many purchase much more of a camera than they actually use. Having used an entry camera prior to the 50D and 7D, my experience was that there was a vast improvement in performance that I readily relied upon once I was familiar with the added performance of the camera. I do use the 18 megapixels, the "spray and pray" photographic capture technique along with expecting stellar performance from the advanced AF both in servo single point and multipoint AF. If the technical improvements really provided little to take better pictures, there would be little point for the pros to buy the next generation of camera. Instead, we're fortunate that pro or prosumer grade, still frame 35mm camera gear fits within a similar price range for both the lowly amateur and the pro. The improvements are enjoyed by both the pro and the amateur alike. I couldn't say that about pro video gear from five years ago.

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