So much negative Canon and 5D MK III chatter. 35+ "Real" world photos to show otherwise.

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Re: very good pics ,but show me one photo which you
In reply to Ken Johnes, Nov 4, 2012

Ken Johnes wrote:

show me one photo which you could not have taken with a 5dmk2 or any nikon FF cams.(with your kind of skills and experience i bet you would nail it with any of them)

I can't because you are right. any camera could have done it. But it is just "easier" with the 5D MK III. The DoF preview button is in the right spot and allows us to press it with the right hand index finger (or other finger) and then we can track the subject. let go of it, and you are back to regular AF mode. My 7D can do that too..but the button is on the left side, is too small, and I can't zoom because my hands are now locked in position. Not so with the MK III. I can move my right hand and can use it to zoom in and out or adjust my flash head. ISO change...easy as pie. I press the SET button and then the "shutter" speed dial. It even allows me to see the exposure value change in the VF as I increase/decrease the ISO. That is huge! The AF points alone are worth the increase in $ IMO! The rest is icing on the cake.

most of the guys complaining about 5d3 are not Pros and it´s almost a good lens they would be able to add to the bag when they look at the price compared to the other options available.for a pro the additional price means nothing , it´s simply one shooting and it´s in your wallet.

so the point everyone is crying out loud is about the price mainly and not the build quality or any thing else, and the sensor aint any better when you compare it to 5d2 .yes the pics look sharper (but with more halos )which can be done in the 5d2 with appropriate settings.high iso in jpeg ,i´ll give it to you, but it´s all about the in cam processing.

It is..but not much. The 5D MK II has a strange look to it in landscape photos that the MK III no longer has. I see it in evergreen trees mostly and in photos with mountains. This is hard to explain because I can't point out examples to you but it is gone in the 5D MK III.

so canon is actually charging that much more for 1 MP and the AF (which should have been in the 5d2 to begin with).when you look at it from a whining amateur´s point of view, the premium is too high ,and an amateur shooting mostly for fun has ample time to set up a tripod and shoot at lower iso´s where noise advantage of 5d3 is negligible.

better iso, better AF (a lot better,), better screen!, customization is better, menus are simply amazing. The C1-C3 now auto update. really..that is huge. The flash menu is great too.

about nikons/sony advantage in sensor tech ,it is there,and it´s cheaper and for most of the non pros who has enough time to shoot in situations they have command over ,is looking really better when they have to pay less for the cam, but cant jump ship cos they may loose lot by selling glass.

yup. I agree. They have better sensors. and they have great cams too

so you see the problem of `complaining´ which you complained about is coming from amateurs and enthusiasts who want canon to produce a cam which actually compete with other brands in terms of price/function. or give a better sensor atleast twice better than 5d2 for that price, which it is not when you look at raw files.

millions of 5d2 were sold and no one complained much about anything other than AF, cos it was not competing with nikon in terms of MPx and the sensor was already good enough not to jump ship at the time.

it´s nearly 2013 now and the sensor tech had advanced in sonikon land and they are charging less for the cameras ,unfortunately canon is still running the mid 2000 fab and cant get the sensor costs down and customers have to pay the price and eventually canon will too if they keep up the price.

yes, but Nikon has (had?) a problem with the D800 on many levels. They are addressing them.

it´s not greed from canons part as so many complain but it´s their inability to build cheaper sensors ,which will hurt them . 5d3 is gonna sell good but it cant touch the 5d2 sales, 5d2 sold well cos it was a very good cam with high mp count which had no real MPx competition then. it´s 2012 and we have a lot to choose from a better price/functions point and the 5d3 seems to be atleast 800$ too-much for it´s main market segment, ie :- the non pros.

I think that Canon did not price it for non pros. I too wish that I could have gotten it cheaper but I also wish I could buy a 911 cheap. I strongly feel that it was worth ever penny and would buy it again.


cheers to you too Ken.!

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