So much negative Canon and 5D MK III chatter. 35+ "Real" world photos to show otherwise.

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Link that explains how to expose for wedding dress from Neil van Niekerk
In reply to Mike CH, Nov 4, 2012

Mike CH wrote:

Travelintrevor wrote:

russbarnes wrote:

You're trying to tell everyone this isn't blown?

Yes. Yes I am. Not a single detail. See SNIP

NOT even CLOSE to any clipping.

Trevor, I think Russ has gotten confused between overexposed and blown.

To my taste, your JPGs are slightly overexposed, but there is no way they are blown.


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Wait and see...

Perhaps he is confused. not sure. I expose for the dress (i.e for white and that is 1.5-2 stops over 0EV depending on camera) Once dialed in, the rest of the photo is "properly" exposed. This is a standard way most wedding photogs expose. These photos are pretty much spot on.

Below quote is taken from this link:

Neil is one of the best weddings photogs out there and his main link is here

"With weddings (and portraits), the brightest relevant tone is most often the bride’s dress or groom’s shirt cuffs. So what I do is point the camera to an area that only contains the white dress / shirt, and no other bright areas. Then the most right-hand point on the histogram will be the white area. And then we can place that white tone correctly on the histogram .. and all the other tones will fall into place, whether skin tones or clothes or surroundings.

There is another way to approach this, and that is to spot-meter off only the relevant white area, and place it around 1.3 stops over the zero mark on your camera’s meter display. You don’t want to zero the meter reading then, since we don’t want the white to appear as grey. We want the white to appear as white .. and that will be around 1.3 stops to 1.7 stops over the zero mark. You will have to figure out the specific value for your specific camera, since there are some differences between the camera makes."

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