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Mouser wrote:

k.alexander wrote:

I've been rocking my brain for a week. Help me make up my mind. I am looking at either a new 2012 Mini (midrange i7) vs the 2011 21.5 iMac (base). [snip]

How come you're not considering the new iMac rather than the 2011 one?

I understand that with the mini, I will be able to put in an SSD in addition to the drive that's there now. From ifixit, it seems doable on the iMac but way way too much work. Both machines can have their ram easily upgraded as well. Plus the new mini can also have it's current HD more easily upgraded than the iMac due to the iMac's 7pin connect for the HD's temp/fan. So the mini actually seems like a more upgradeable machine going forward.

Both the new 2012 iMac and Mac Mini have the option of a "Fusion Drive", which actually consists of an SSD and a separate regular HD working together to form a single logical drive. So, yes, both machines can have SSD, and Apple's Fusion Drive approach automatically moves data from SSD to HD (and vice-versa) in the background depending on which files are more frequently used.

Not considering the 2012 iMac because the 21.5" has user-inaccessible RAM, not to mention 5400rpm HD. I am guessing upgrading from 8 to 16GB will cost $100-200 at Apple. I just ordered 2x8GB for $50 shipped.

I am aware of the Fusion Drive but I think a separate/second SSD drive is a better and not to mention cheaper option. Plus I was looking at only the base 21.5 2012; if I wanted fusion, I'd now have to go up to at least the second level 2012 21.5", and I just don't think it's worth the money.

From everything I've read, I think I'm going to go with the mid tier 2012 mini, 2.3 i7.

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