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Nightwings wrote:

EyeCU2 wrote:

I should have probably said firmware and not software... I am in IT, and to me they are the same thing.

Then perhaps you should not be in IT, as they are NOT the same thing. (Tongue in cheek) But I know how coders can sometimes sloppily interchange the terms.

To be very specific  I am not a coder, but have done so when needed. In my early college days I used to hack the code in BIOS firmware and re flash it to my PC to get extra options. Also used to hack my cell phones and on a small scale still do in the sense of rooting my Android phones. There is code hard written into processors. To me its all software. Software is not limited to something you can download, or install using a CD.

I work more with networks and system admin stuff.  Currently I am contracted out as an IT Manager.

Not he Computer software. The software (firmware) that is on the Camera. That makes the buttons on the camera do what they do. There are firmware updates to other Nikon cameras, and I have even seen many cameras have hacked firmwares to allow them to create RAW pictures and not (or both) JPEGs.

There is none for the P510 (New firmware release)

I couldn't find one and that's why I was asking and hoping someone on here would know where I can find a copy.

As the camera still is functional when the issue occurs and I am only not able to take pictures, I am leaning towards this being a software (firmware) isse over an issue with the hardware.

You may be right, but it could also be attributed to a bad firmware upload to the camera when it was produced ... rather... the firmware that existed on the chip when it was manufactured. Yours is the first I hear of this problem.

I agree. Thats why I wouldn't mind trying to re flash it as it may overwrite any problems. I bought the accidental damage plan when I bought the camera from best buy because I figured my daughter would destroy the camera some how as she likes anything she sees me using and tris to use and then eat it.  I do not want to waste the exchange on an issue Nikon created. Also as the warranty is assign to the SN of the camera if Nikon just swapped out the camera I would have a new SN and have lost the $40 I spent on the warranty.

Thanks for your quick reply and again I want to mention how much I like this site. I never heard about it until after I bought my camera 2 months ago, and really love the pictures you guys are taking! Those using a P510 or not. Its Unbelievable! Either everyone on this site is a professional, or you guys are so good at coaching helping out that everyone is able to take pictures like the professionals.

Everyone.... pro or not, can learn things from the fine people who post here. Everyone feels welcome here.... even IT people.

Yeah, so far you guys are pretty good about helping out.  I have been reading the Coolpix forum and P510 comments since I bought the camera a few months back.  The only time people I work with like us "IT People" is when something is broken. Its good to know I am welcome here.  

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