Just got my NEX-6 (from sony.de)

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Vlad4D Regular Member • Posts: 219
Just got my NEX-6 (from sony.de)

Hi all, I have NEX-7 and was going to "upgrade" to NEX-6 because of 3 main reasons:

  1. New faster autofocus. Unfortunately in reality for static scenes NEX-6 with new kit lens is about same or little slower than NEX-7 with old kit lens. I did not test moving subjects yet.
  2. Lower high ISO noise (because of bigger pixels). I found that overall noise level is not really better. But at ISO 3200 or above on NEX-7 I noticed some additional low frequency noise component which is not so visible in NEX-6 samples. (I tested JPG)
  3. Motorized zoom (for less shake in hand-held video). Moto-zoom control of new lens is not very smooth. I found that after half year of practicing my manual zooming with old kit lens works same or better than motorized zoom with new kit lens.

So overall at least for me NEX-6 is not really better than NEX-7. Few more comments:

  1. In-camera USB charging is bad idea. With dedicated charger I can put battery into charger and back in few seconds with my eyes closed. With USB charging I have to carefully stick little (properly oriented) micro USB connector into special little hole in the camera ricking to scratch the body. Charging indicator LED is little and not easy to see. Also LED is OFF when battery is fully charged and it is not clear is it already fully charged or USB charging is simply not working. Using spare battery is problematic without dedicated charged.
  2. WiFi is weak. At home it works only near to my router (FRITZ!Box) but in the office with better router it worked better. Apps installation works ok. Remote control from iPhone works fine, but this app is very limited - you can only preview image, adjust exposure compensation and press shutter release. I see no other useful apps so far.
  3. New kit lens. Manual focusing and zooming is not very smooth and precise. Because lens is retractable it requires very careful treatment. You can touch only half of lens body and have to always remember that. Old kit lens was simple and reliable like AK-74. New one is little bit like nice Barbie toy. There is no lens hood included.
  4. New kit lens aperture. On paper new lens has same max aperture like old one: 3.5-5.6, but in reality it is same only at wide angle. At 35 mm old lens has aperture 4.5 but new one already has max aperture 5.6. In result (with same shutter speed) camera has to use much higher ISO - 2500 vs 1600. Basically old lens is brighter at 35 mm. On long end both lens become near equal again. I think it is price for retract-ability.
  5. New hot shoe. I still don't get why it is needed if there is no external flash compatible with it.
  6. Crop-like digital zoom works only for stills. I hoped to see it also for video (like on Panasonic GH2) but it is still missing - there is only ugly low-quality image magnification - who will ever use it?
  7. Movie buttonis too difficult to press
  8. Missing Tri-Navi is problem for me. On NEX-7 all 3 dials can be used, On NEX-6 - only one.
  9. Viewfinder is identical to NEX-7. Same amount of aliasing and noise.

Overall I prefer my old good NEX-7

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