portable power - recomendation for AC type battery pack with studio strobes

Started Nov 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
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veeco5150 Regular Member • Posts: 422
portable power - recomendation for AC type battery pack with studio strobes


I have some old norman packs p800 and p2000 and I want to be able to use the packs/strobes outdoors.

I was going to buy alien bees or similar to use on location because of the affordable vagabond power pack.

I realized though, that I could prob just use the vagabond power pack with my p800 power pack as it is a simple plug type socket and I could use my current norman heads and and not have to buy new alien bees.

I then started realizing that I could prob buy any number of AC battery packs that offer an AC type plug...maybe even going to home depot and seeing if they have anything.

Can anyone offer any advice on this? I'm sure that there are specific things that I need to look for in order to preventing a short or something; but compared to buying a Norman 200W battery pack for $800 or buying a new Alien Bees System it seems a cheap way to get myself portable and able to use 800 WS of power.

At the moment, the Vagabond system for $230 seems to be the best system in terms of portability; but if I am going to attach that to a powerpack anyways, I might as well look into the possibility of getting an even larger battery.

Any thoughts?



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