D800 - Can't get sharp images - focus woes

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Re: D800 - Can't get sharp images - focus woes
In reply to JimFromDenmark, Nov 1, 2012

Just an update in this rather long thread.

Dealer refunded me the money for my 3rd "defective" D800.

I then purchased the D600, while waiting for never models of the D800/D4. We all know there will be an upgrade at some point.

Some post "focus mayhem" thoughts and observations. Brought to you as a Q&A.

Q: Do you miss the D800?
A: YES! The images i took with it, were top notch.

Q: Is the D600 what you really wanted in the first place?
A: NO! The D600 is fantastic, but being used to "pro" bodies, it's just not the same

Q: Does the smaller focus point coverage annoy you?
A: Oddly, no it doesn't. It's very easy getting used to.

Q: Does the D600 feel like a small D800?
A: NO! Not at all. It feels exactly like my old D70s/D300, just bigger and FX. Which is what Nikon wanted us to feel in the first place.

Q: The metering system in the D600 is not the same as in the D800, what's it like?
A: It's definatly not the same. Being used to the D700's metering system, and partially the D800. The D600 is ages behind. With the D800 I could use Matrix metering most of the time, and it just "knew" what I wanted. The D600 is very stupid compared.

Q: Hows the D600 AF speed, compared to D800.
A: No to bad, but definatly slower. It's also more sensitive to low-light conditions, in which I would rate it "poor". At least compared to the D700/D800. In normal lighthing conditions, it's acceptable, but having used "pro" bodies only, the last many years, I'm not to thrilled with it.

Q: So, what's your conclusion? D600 or D800?
A: I got off on the wrong foot with the D800. It just wasn't the upgrade I expected, from my trusty D700. I think many felt that way. But having used the D600 for a while, it is definatly NOT the upgrade I was looking for. Yes, the images are better than from a D700, but it doesn't make me thinking "I love this camera" in any way my D700 did, or the D800 for that matter.

Q: Why did you switch from D800 to D600 then?
A: Short answer is, that the D800 had/has focus issues. By that, I mean, using outer focus points. While it was easy to get around that issue, I couldn't get my mind off it, when using the 3D-tracking function(I use it a lot). Would the image be in focus or not? With the D600 I feel like one of my arms has been cut off, BUT the remaining one is working just perfect.

Q: What would make you adore your D600?
A: Simple, D800 metering system and D800 AF system.

These are the questions I've seen asked a million times, so here's my 50 cents

Best regards

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