Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

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Canon G15 saving .jpg in a much lower quality even than Canon G9?

Well, my G15 arrived today (it took a whole month to be shipped - probably it came from Mars), and i started playing with it. As i already own a 7D, this will be my "compact/light travel/fun camera"... so for most of my pics i don't need raw, and use jpeg instead.

As i have my old trusted G9 around, i did some comparison tests. And the first thing i've noticed is the fact that G15 .jpg files are arround 2-4MB while G9 makes them at arround 5-8MB (with some bad jpg quality for G15, which btw, is like 5 years newer).

Taking a look further, i've discovered that my G9 saves them with 96% quality, while G15 saves them with 90% quality! WTH Canon? It is supposed to be better than older models, not compromising with such stuff.

If anyone knows some way to fix this (or maybe some Canon engineer sees this and fix it in a firmware update), please let me know!

Also, i have found another small problem. On my G9, the file numbering is in continuous mode. Even if i delete the jpeg files, the camera will continue numbering them from where it was left off. On G15, after i delete/move the jpeg's, it starts numbering them from 0001. Even if i setup them as beeing in Continuous mode and Monthly directory (i only have Monthly or Weekly - shouldn't there be a Never option?).

Thanks in advance!

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