Film is not dead - It's like people are rediscovering Milk :)

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starwolfy Senior Member • Posts: 1,252
Film is not dead - It's like people are rediscovering Milk :)

Any thought on this ?

I kind of think and did the same. Interestingly we are same age and had the same process until we were more or less naturally oriented toward manual focus and then film cameras.

A says:

The whole “film is dead” and “no it’s not dead” dialogue is what really needs to die. If you like film, then use it. If you don’t, then don’t. If you like both digital and film than use both. Film has been around forever. People are acting like they just re-discovered milk or something.

B replies:


I born in 1986 and I started to be interested in photography just 3 years ago.
Since that time I learnt really a lot and I am now passionate about art photography.

Since I started I was using digital but i realized something was wrong with me.

Step by step I entered the manual focus world...thx to adapters etc until I decided to buy myself what I thought was my need: a digital dedicated manual focus camera aka Leica M8. I worked hard to buy this camera second hand with a second hand zeiss lens. I felt so much better using this that a DSLR or a Mirrorless as the camera was just complete RAW : no gimmicks, few buttons, direct access, just the essential.

But something was still wrong.

One day I went to a Lomography workshop and someone lend me a Lomo camera with 3 rolls of film. Those were my first time shooting film in my all life (yes...born 1986 but first time shooting many).
This experience was just wonderful and made me realized how the marketing fooled us completly since marketing decided it was better for them (and not for us) to buy digital cameras every years instead of an analog one every ten. Understand that I born with digital...this is the only thing I experienced until few month ago.

Man...I've sold my M8 and bought a film M3. Why an M3 ? Because it is amazingly well built, it is slow, there is no metter. When I use it I am not in a rush, I'm relaxed, I look around me, I set it up, I shoot, I learn to be more patient until I get my films, I'm so happy to discover what I HAVE PRODUCED (and not what the digital camera kind of "decided" to produce for me).

Digital is a big lie. Marketing tries to make you believe you will take better photographs with the next camera. You do not. They hope all of us will forget about film really soon so they can continue to sell us their crap without any worry.

With films no worries...I don't mind not being in focus because even an out of focus picture can be fine, clear and interesting.
I don't car white balance because there is no such worry.
I don't care about batteries because there is non.
I don't care about electronical failure because there is non.
I dont'care autofocus don't focus where I want because I do focus where I want with my fingers and my eyes.
I've learnt I don't need Iso25000 to take pictures...I simply have to expose properly.
I've learnt I don't need to take 10FPS of crap because I don't do sport photography and I don't need such high FPS to record Life around me.
I've learnt I don't need massive and long PP to have a powerful image...I just need to know how to compose and chose the film I like.

Now...I am a film addict and I'm sure there are millions of guys like me who could become fond of film as I do...if they had the chance to try it even once.
Now...I just hope film production will never stop and I hope there will be tons of people to spread this message among their friends to help make film to re-born., I am not re-discovering Milk...Since nobody made me taste it before.

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