Notes on NEC PA241w monitor after three months

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Notes on NEC PA241w monitor after three months

From a hobbyist photographer of a few years.

1. For many shots, after you see the colors of Adobe RGB on a wide-gamut monitor, viewing an sRGB version of the image is almost painful.

2. Prints are excellent, using a good paper and a competent printer profile from the manufacturer.

3. Bought the Spectraview calibration software and colorimeter, too. They give confidence in calibrating to a non-standard color temperature, as opposed to what MultiProfiler, the all-software adjustment of monitor settings, might do. The monitor is stable; after 1000 hours of use, a calibration changed only one color channel by a mere one part in a thousand.
4. The technique of calibrating to a temperature appropriate for your printing paper works well, per this tutorial:
Imagescience tutorial

Basically, you view the image through that calibration and warm or cool it to your taste, then print. This is a pretty good shortcut to avoid the complications of soft proofing in your post-processing program.

The negative:

4. Web viewing and other non-photo tasks really need to be done in sRGB color space at a desired luminance (I use 100cd). Hooked to a pretty fast Windows 7 machine, Spectraview takes about 15 seconds to switch from one calibration to another. Sure, you could run two monitors if you have the desk space, the budget, and the time to hassle with the inevitable OS glitches.
Photography easily becomes an addiction. This monitor is a new drug. (Officer, my remark was a metaphor.)

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