Obama Lawsuits - Birth Certificate - A Question of Normality

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Re: Birther = Racist
In reply to harry cannoli, Oct 29, 2012

Again, for those with a minimum double digit IQ. Produce it once, run off some attested copies, and avoid spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight having to produce it in lawsuits.

I doubt that you can back any of that up with facts.

It's a simple question. And only simpletons, and democrats, avoid understanding that.

It is a simple question. What other kind are you capable of asking?

Again, with feeling. Why spend a lot of money, whether it's a few hundred thousand dollars, close to million dollars (according to other websites), or a $2 million strawman from politifacts, which they knock down by asserting that proponents of $2 million cannot prove that every cent of the legal costs was for defending birther lawsuits.

Again, with feeling. Can you back any of that up with verifiable facts? I didn't think so. Fox says it, you believe it.

Birther = Inbred racist.

Oh, dear. I've run into someone who needs to wash his mouth out with soap.

Go to Politifact.com, a truth checking website. And read its argument for why $2 million wasn't spent by Obama to not have to produce the certificate. It's a real question. And Politifact's argument that proponents of the question can't prove every cent was spent that way is hardly an argument that a lot was not.

Perhaps a moron who had nothing to hide would spend money this way. You're probably close to one when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. But for most people with a brain, they would believe someone was hiding something.

Oh, BTW. Use deodorant soap when you wash your mouth.

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