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A99 - Pre-ordered. Cancelled. Now considering a brand switch. Really sucks. :(

Started Sep 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: A99 - Pre-ordered. Cancelled. Now considering a brand switch. Really sucks. :(
In reply to OntarioJohn, Oct 28, 2012

OntarioJohn wrote:

My volkswagen beetle tyres won't work on my new Mini Cooper. I'm flabbergasted. WTfrig. Devestated. I'll never buy another Mini Cooper.

People on here crack me up. Professionals don't just sit about and whine. I have all kinds of tools for building and maintenance. I don't just use Bosch tools, I have others. I even have some manual type saws you have to sharpen, but it takes 3 hours to do a good job and if I was charging 50 bucks an hour to work a brand new hand saw is better technology.

Being retired I file my grandfather's saw. He was wounded 3 times in the Great War, (WW1). In France. Carried schrapnel in his body until he died, German junk metal. I think about him when I file the saw. Sitting in a trench, he and other engineers trying to tunnel under the lines. They don't make men like that so much now.

I love how people come on here to whine like little children. Grow up. Move on. But the best tool for the job. No real pro has just one tool. You would need a whole kit.

Doing static photos in a studio one needs about 3 lenses. I have 26 lenses at last count. And I find I use about 2 of them, the rest are sitting here on a shelf. I have 3 50mm lenses. If I take a photo of small lines pasted on a blank wall, that is grid paper, a dozen or so sheets, I'm beggered if I can see a difference.

I laughed at some guy the other day trying to snap photos of hawks in flight. His lens needed an anti aircraft device mounted on a truck. He was swearing and muttering trying to do it first on a too small tripod, then hand held. A 4 foot long lens. 300 mm something Canon. Or canon from the war with Napoleon. Pffft. Ok so it was shorter than that. But it was white. Which makes it way cool.

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London, Ontario, Canada.

lol, well enjoy laughing at people instead of giving tips...I'm sure that will work out for you. Sony discontinuing lenses and seems to be teetering on whether or not they are trying to seriously compete in a stout market doesn't mean their customers need to sit back and just "settle". That's non-sense, I like Sony, but I'm being driven away by their business choices. How are they suppose to know whats going on with their customers if no one speaks up? I guess you can sit back and laugh at people all you want troll.

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