"US needs to wake up" - David Attenborough

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Rupert Bottomsworth
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Re: "US needs to wake up" - David Attenborough
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drh681 wrote:

Rupert Bottomsworth wrote:

drh681 wrote:

brettmeikle wrote:

drh681 wrote:

If we start cutting back our productivity, we can't buy the dope that keeps Latin America employed. We can't buy those fancy German cars or lazy vacations in the south of France.

We can't pay 3$-a-pound for India's rice or 8$-a-six-pack for English Beer.(the export swill even you pikers)

All I can say is you lazy skivers in the rest of the world should quit griping and skip your third, fourth and fifth weeks of vacation and skip the free medical care and start busting your collective assets to catch up.

Catch up with what - the race to the bottom? I don't want your stressed lifestyle and I don't relish the ecological consequence it inevitably is resulting in. It's a shame your contributions in this thread read as glibness - though I also appreciate you represent a majority of your right-leaning countryfolk; priapic with material gain, myopic to the consequences - they always said it'd ruin your eyesight

Brett Meikle


But only another typical sneer, full of big words, made by an ill-educated dolt sure of his own righteous propriety.

Get a job, contribute something beside the conversion of oxygen.

Typical a-hole response.

You should know.

Yep, I know you are one.

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