Removing the AA Filter on D600

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Re: Removing the AA Filter on D600
In reply to bobn2, Oct 28, 2012

That is not how AA filters work. They blur the image 1 or 2 pixels to prevent aliasing and also to prevent moire - 2 separate concepts.

There is a blur and that then means the sensor is most definitely not showing off its full potential because of this blur.

I agree with posters though that he would be better off with a D800E.

In my experience the real issue is not moire, etc but white balance shifts.

Depending on the replacement UV/IR block filter used, you will get a white balance problem. CMOS and CCD chips are sensitive to invisible infrared and UV hence the filters. If you let in more IR to gain astro advantage then you also let in a lot of IR that makes the images horribly red biased. To counteract that in the past you used an Xnite CC1 filter but that still left a colour cast. I probably have samples from modded Canon 20Ds.

The Baader replacement filters definitely leave a colour cast. There are some new ones from Don Goldman - Astrodon that may be OK but I have not seen results.

The cameras metering system and computer firmware is all callibrated to the existing filtered setup. Change that setup and you throw it off.

Perhaps MaxMax have filters that are tuned for this - I don't know. I doubt it.

For infrared you remove the mainĀ UV/IR block filter and replace it with clear glass. If you take a regular photo it will be mostly red.

If you replace with Baader UV/IR filter it will take images that are mostly red. Even astrophotos are way too red and when you process them you have to slam down the red channel to get it back to balanced.

Canon has a 60Da that is for astrophotography and terrestial photography and they would have played with the UV/IR filter and tuned it to the firmware.

Perhaps the UV/IR filterĀ is now separate from the AA filter in dust shaker cameras which is when they started using multiple filters - it used to be just one filter in front of the sensor.


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