Why you pre-ordered the Sony RX1?

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Re: do wish the camera had a built in EVF
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dmartin92 wrote:

I don't have the money, and that's the reason why I am forced to look a bit critically at what you're saying
But all this talk of "a slippery slope", that's not it. It's just that you do have the money, and you don't have the patience. Or rather, maybe, you do have the patience, but you're not being forced to use it. Because you have the money.

Critical thinking is always welcome, but I disagree with what I think your conclusions are.
When I talk about slippery slope I'm discussing the design process Sony would undertake when coming up with the RX1 concept. In developing the idea for the camera I doubt very much Sony  cast an eye out my way to decide if I had the money to purchase the RX1 and EVF or the patience to wait for a RX2 with EVF and tilt screen.
Instead, like all products, they must have started out with a design vision and that vision as evidenced by the camera and having been spoken directly by Sony is clearly to "make it small". Not only make it small... but probably make it the smallest full frame camera likely to ever be built for quite some time. Once you start adding features that add bulk (like an integrated EVF) it becomes easy to rationalize adding other features (like a tilt LCD) that don't add too much more bulk.  Since bulk was antithetical to their design objective (make it the smallest full frame compact likely to be built this decade) these potential features were likely cut from the outset. 
They achieved their objective and having now produced what is likely to remain the smallest highest performing full frame compact for some time, they may prevent another maker from even considering producing a camera of this nature and size.
If another maker brings out a larger camera with an integrated finder, Sony can respond in kind but until that point they have no need to.
Sony has suggested via one of its spokespersons that they see the design as a timeless classic, which to me suggests they may not bring out a model with an integrated EVF and tilt LCD anytime soon. Would I wait for such a model if I knew one was coming one year down the road? Maybe. Two years down the road? Maybe not. But there is no timeline, no product announced and words from Sony to the effect that they don't see a product refresh for the RX1 for several years.
More importantly, it may just be that no other maker deems it worth their while to even try to compete with the RX1. Leica has stood alone unchallenged in the full frame digital "compact" (non-DSLR) camera market since 2009 and they still stand unchallenged in the interchangeable lens full frame digital compact market. Sony just might be given a few years to enjoy selling the RX1 without competition too.
My bet is the RX1 like the Leica digital M cameras will occupy this particular niche alone for at least a couple years.
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