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AlanB1976 wrote:

Hey all

  I need some help with making up my mind between a Sony Nex 5N and 6. I've never owned a Nex before.   I am busy in the process of upgrading my camera since the last one took a bit of a knock. I am not a pro or major enthusiast. I have always just enjoyed photography. I moved away from SLR due to the fact that I hardly ever had it with me and missed so many good photo opportunities. I decided to go for a compact so that I could always have it with me and accepted the fact that the quality would not be as great (can't afford multiple). But again, just a hobby so that was ok. At that stage I got the Canon G9 as CSC’s weren't available and that was the closest to having full control in a small package. Now, looking to upgrade, there are so many possibilities. I really like a larger sensor so have decided on the CSC approach. However, there are some key things that I am still looking for. Namely... 1 – Must still be fairly compact (AKA fit in a small bag or jacket pocket) 2 – Must have flash as it has been invaluable when shooting against bright backgrounds (i.e. lighting up the foreground just a bit) 3 – Must have full control. 4 – While not a priority, a high burst is always handy   So, with that in mind I started digging and came up with some options. After reading many reviews, I decided that I really liked the Sony range. The Nex 6 has everything I want..... large sensor, full controls, built in flash and compact power zoom lens...... except the price. With the amount of hobbies I have (and needing to support a family) that is a LOT of money. Is it really worth it? If I look at the Nex 5N which is half the price, it lacks in lens size (but I could possibly still manage with it – could squeeze it into a large pocket). It doesn’t have the built in flash but it has the external attachment if needed (not ideal but manageable). And it has full controls but just not in such a handy way with external dials, etc. So, I can manage with the 5N but the 6 just has everything that little bit better. But for double the price, is it really worth it?. I don’t mind spending money to get something decent that will last, but with the way technology moves these days, it might be “old” in a year or two which scares me with spending so much. If anyone can give me some advice or just a smack on the head, please do so.   Thanks Alan

I would pick the NEX-6 simply because it has an EVF.  Infact, Steve Huff reviewed the NEX-6 and he likes it better then the NEX-7, saying the 6 is what the 7 should have been.

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