Which Macro / Telephoto Prime Solution

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Which Macro / Telephoto Prime Solution

I'm looking to get a macro lens and a moderate telephoto prime for my DX body and I'm tossing up the following options:

Option 1:

- 85mm F/3.5 DX micro

Option 2:

- 85mm F/1.8

- 40mm F/2.8 DX micro

Option 1 is slightly cheaper and features VR, while option 2 offers the benefit of faster aperture although I would suspect that DOF would be very limited at F/1.8 on an 85mm lens unless the subject is very far away. I wouldn't expect to do too much portraiture so I think the F/3.5 aperture would be good enough.

I am aware that the 85mm F/1.8 is an FX lens but that wouldn't really offer any advantage to me as I am happy sticking with the DX format long term.

One of the reasons that I want a telephoto prime is that I would feel more comfortable using it in inclement weather where a zoom lens would be more at risk of ingesting moisture. It's my understanding that all three lenses on my list have rubber gaskets on the mount but are not designated as being weather sealed, so I guess all three would have the same resilience in this regard.

I have a few weeks to decide so any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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