Lot's of critics of Canon DSLR sensors these days, any photo proof to support this?

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Re: Lot's of critics of Canon DSLR sensors these days, any photo proof to support this?
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Coyote_Cody wrote:

Going by DXO results it appears (maybe DPReview as well), many think Canon is 'far' behind in sensor tech on matters pertinent to good photos, especially to Sony.

Has anyone seen actual 'real' (non studio props) photos that show these 'crucial' shortcomings of Canon sensors? Surely they must exists if all these ppl say Canon is so far amiss!

Canon sensors are the ​worst​. I mean, try under-exposing your shot by four stops and then push it up in Lightroom. You'll find banding in the shadows. OMYGERD it's horrible! I don't know about you but my style is to underexpose all my shots by several stops and then spend hours in post cleaning up the mess.  

Seriously though - if you expose properly, it doesn't matter whether you shoot Canon, Nikon, or Sony - the results will be great. I like Canon since they seem to nail color accuracy and white balance better than Nikon, and I like Canon's ergonomics, but everyone has their preferences.

I do not like Sony at all though - not one bit, for a number of reasons: circuit design (they often use resistors as fuses to make their consumer devices more difficult to repair), repair parts cost (replacement parts are obscene!), and they are downright hostile toward the end user (remember the multiple rootkit fiascos, and also their deletion of a key feature ("OtherOS") they heavily marketed in the Playstation 3)? Sony ​components ​are good, but their integrated products? F@(< them.

As you may be aware, Ritz Camera is going out of business. I stopped in there the other day to buy a 32GB MicroSD card for my tablet. I noticed all the Canon and Nikon bodies and lenses had sold out, but they still had a huge pile of Sony DSLRs and lenses. It made me laugh.


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