LX7 auto lens cap after all

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LX7 auto lens cap after all

I was surprised to see an auto lens cap listed for the LX7 on Amazon, and was a bit suspicious, but though it was worth a try (I don't mind the normal lens cap, but often I need quick access to the camera and the lens cap can caused missed shots).

I received the lens cap (JJC ALC-LX7B) and it didn't appear to have any way to attach it.  There was a small sheet that came with it that said for the LX5 you must unscrew and remove the retainer ring to screw on the lens cap.  Oh well, that ends that.  LX5.  And it doesn't fit my LX5 either.

Posts I've read here somewhat indicated there was a small ring on the end of the lens that unscrews for a filter etc., but nothing on my lens seemed to be willing to come off, and I don't need a filter holder anyway, so why risk ruining the lens to try to get the end off.  But somewhat puzzled, I started trying to move the very thin knurled ring that is on the end of the lens housing (not the lens!), just outboard from the aperture ring.  I could wiggle the end a little, and a firm counter-clockwise twist showed that it did indeed come off.  It's not threaded, it's a 1/6-turn click-to-lock connector.

So if you've been worried about twisting your lens off because of reading that the end of the lens has a ring that comes off, it's the housing, not the lens or the part that extends out with the lens...it's the thin ring on the end, and as long as you keep your fingers off the aperture ring, it untwists fairly easily once you know it's OK to do it.  Counter-clockwise, about 1/6 turn until it stops, then it should pull out.

And the JJC auto lens cap does then fit and work fine, despite the instructions.  The link I bought mine from is


It's a great example of how a word or two can change everything.  Lens HOUSING would have been clear, "end of the lens" was not, or not to me at least, and judging from discussions about the impossibility of making an auto lens cap for the LX7, a lot of other people were confused about it also.  Or, a picture showing what comes off would have explained everything.  Ring off on the left, the auto lens cap installed on the right.


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